Your Singapore Gardens Ticket to Beauty

Whether you are a seasoned world traveller or a newbie to the beautiful city of Singapore, you aren’t going to want to miss out on the picturesque Gardens by the Bay. When you grab your Singapore Gardens ticket to this wonderful dream come true garden spot, you will understand how truly magical this city is and why it is called the Jewel of the East.

The parks began as a dream, one that the founding fathers of this famed city had to create a lush and beautiful park that contained a city. When you walk through this 250-acre garden you will begin to appreciate just how far-sighted they were to establish this urban garden unlike any you have seen before.

A Horticultural Masterpiece

The planning that went into this garden is meticulous. While still a relatively new showcase for the city, ground was broken for the gardens only a few years ago in 2007, the three garden areas each have their own quiet beauty. A skywalk will lead you through the gardens to enjoy the wonder of the Flower Dome and other attractions. At 22 metres in height you will have a panoramic view of the entire gardens from the walkway. From this vantage point you can enjoy the masterful presentation of everything from the Children’s Garden to the two giant greenhouses.

World Class Greenhouses

Across the world, businesses tend to construct giant Greenhouse Structures in order to maintain a controlled environment for a plant’s healthy growth. The Flower Dome is the world’s largest greenhouse, encompassing everything from a 30-ton tree to every kind of flower you can see in East Africa and the Mediterranean. The second greenhouse is called The Cloud Forest and it is aptly named. Filled with a wealth of plants and lush surroundings, the center of the greenhouse is a giant mountain complete with waterfall. From the top of the mountain visitors can see the collection of Venus Fly Traps, all in their own natural environment. The two monumental greenhouses are worth the trip alone, but they are not all that Gardens by the Bay has to offer.

Your Singapore Gardens Ticket for Kids and Families

Families travelling with kids will love the Far East Organizations garden area made just for the kids. Here children can enjoy all the fun of a world class playground, set in the midst of a beautiful jungle garden. Of course, there is the laughter from the children playing in the water feature, something no kids park should be without. You can bet that the water games offered here are beyond the average. In addition, the whole family will enjoy the many animal sculptures that are scattered throughout the park. They add a sense of fun to the entire expedition.

So whether you are travelling to Singapore for fun with the family or stopping by on a fast business trip, be sure to set aside time for this amazing park within a city. The stroll through the trees, call of the scents and sights of beautiful flowers and relaxing sound of the waterfalls will make this a stop well worth planning for on your journey.

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