Why You Need to Detox for Summer

During the colder months of the year, the effects of toxins building up in your body may not be felt as much as they are when the weather is much warmer. This is because the cold environment acts as a kind of refrigerator or even a freezer, slowing those effects down in the same way that a fridge/freezer slows down the process of food ageing. It’s perhaps ideal to do it just when winter starts showing signs of giving way to spring, but you should definitely detox for summer.

The Effects of Toxins

In the same way that cooking something like a piece of meat can have any added spices, herbs or other seasonings infused into the meat at a faster rate, the summer heat aids in the process of the built-up toxins in your body getting absorbed and getting a real grip on your bloodstream. When the weather is warm, the effects of toxic build-up tend to become more pronounced, and while you can find very effective ways of dealing with the symptomatic effects, these are merely an indication of a deeper underlying issue which needs some attention. So you may be experiencing what you conceive to be a dizzy spell you can get over soon, when it’s in fact your body giving you some early warning signs that you’re perhaps eating too much of a certain food which isn’t good for you. “Getting up too fast” should never induce any vertigo, especially not on every occasion that you “get up too fast.” It could be an indication that you need to detoxify your body.

Another effect of allowing too much toxins to build up in your body is that of your exercise efforts not fully yielding the desired effect. This applies to the nutritional side of things as well, so if you’re perhaps lifting weights as part of your summer body building regime, the toxins your alimentary canal is playing host to will be slowing down the process of your body delivering the required amount of energy to complete your workouts, while these toxins also hinder the process of the vital nutrients contained in supplements as protein shakes getting absorbed properly. You can be making use of the best protein shake you can find on the market, but if the toxins in your body are preventing it from being delivered into your bloodstream, it’s almost akin to not taking any supplementation at all.

There are many other specific effects of toxic build-ups, such as the reduced ability of your bile duct and liver to complete their biological functions of ironically transporting waste out of the body (bile duct) and filtering your blood to separate the good nutrients from what will eventually become waste. When you are experiencing such a condition, it is important to detox your body via supplements (you can find the best liver detox supplement here) or detox juices.

When you think of detoxing your body with the help of drinks, you will likely imagine a drink consisting of herbs and roots that help flush out toxins from your systems. But that would be far from the truth because there may be many fruits that are not only rich in electrolytes, but also necessary nutrients and compounds. These could be found in many fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit, lemon, apple, coconut, ginger, watermelon, and several more. Lemonade being a classic detox drink, could be improvised and turned into a delicious drink like a mango dragonfruit lemonade, a mint mojito, or even a watermelon lemonade. Detox drinks may sound daunting and you would likely imagine a distasteful beverage, but you could make these drinks taste great by simply giving them a slight twist.

Summer is indeed the one season during which you want your body to be functioning at full-tilt, as you explore all that the great outdoors has to offer, but you also don’t want to have to make do with a weakened immune system as a result of your body dedicating a lot of resources to try and get rid of the built-up toxins. A summer cold or flu just seems wrong for instance, and it’s just one of the many indirect effects of not getting rid of all those toxins built-up during winter.

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