Why everyone should visit Uganda at least once in their lifetime

As any traveller, old or new, knows, there is one thing every wanderer worth his salt has on his bucket life. And that is going on a wildlife safari in great, wild Africa. And what better place to choose that the tiny country that somehow manages to hold almost all of the African majesty within its borders? A wildlife tour in Uganda is where all your childhood dreams of adventure and exploration can come true. You just need to reach out and grab the opportunity.

This tiny country in Africa has something to offer to everyone. It is home to the majestic and mighty mountain gorillas which gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to go for a gorilla Uganda safari. Here also lies the source of the Nile, that life-giving river we all grew up reading about. In the very arms of the river Nile, you can go white water rafting. And, if you are looking to get your blood pumping, even more, you can go for bungee jumping in the tempestuous cliffs that adorn the land.

But Uganda is not just about the mountains and wilderness. The land is diverse in its features, from woods to tropical sandy beaches and glistening lakes. The shimmering Lake Victoria, which is also the largest lake in the continent, is full of serenely cosy islands where you and your loved ones can rest after a long and warm safari.

Perhaps one of the best parts about Uganda is its climate. The average temperature of the place is 22 degrees and it is pleasantly warm for most of the year. It has two rainy seasons but even during those, the weather is comfortable enough to travel in.

Often termed the “evergreen country”, all of Uganda has an abundance of greenery all through the year. And amongst the emerald wildness shine a riot of colours, of flowers, of fresh juicy fruit and peculiar and many-hued animals who quickly slip away into darkness. During your safaris, you can enjoy all of the honey-scented fruits available around you. The thick yellow juice of the mangoes can make your taste buds dance. The papayas are soft and succulent. But it is perhaps the jackfruit that takes the cake here. It is sweeter and softer than anything you will have ever tasted, the flavours setting your mouth alight like delightful nectar. Numerous types of bananas are also available here, making the country the second largest producer of bananas in the world.

Unlike its very crowded neighbours, Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is mostly calm and peaceful throughout the year. This makes it an almost perfect destination for couples who are adventurous by nature but also like some time to themselves. There is never a lack of anything to do here. With over ten beautiful destinations that are covered by safari, Uganda is bountiful and diverse. It is home to over 400 mountain gorillas and many endangered and vulnerable species. You can explore the impenetrable Bwindi forests and track chimpanzees and gorillas. Or you can while the day away, fishing and watching the Murchison falls crash into crystal foam. Or let time simply slip away, as you hold your lover’s hand, and take the meandering trail through the wilderness, letting dreams merge into reality, and darkness into emerald depths.

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