What were your impressions of visiting France?

France is one of those countries whose reputation precedes itself. For some, Paris is either the “City of Light” but some others are not quite as passionately enthusiastic about it. Either way, there‘s no place in the world that is quite like it. Travelling around some of the small towns in France means travelling between hilltops, rocky coastal towns and breathtaking scenery while enjoying the local lifestyles of the people.

France may not be the ideal destination if your idea of a holiday includes adventure travel or extreme sports. That being said, if you‘re looking for an unparalleled experience into the arts, food or a general appreciation for quality of life, a France tour package should be your next investment.

Unfortunately, one of the things you need to do is take caution with your belongings. Pick-pocketing is a national pastime and you could be conned into having a bad travel experience. Like any country, France is a different and special place, with its own idiosyncrasies, quirks, and joie-de-vivre.

Depending on your luck, your France holiday package can turn into anything from the most incredible experience of your life or quite underwhelming. Rural France is still home to a dwindling generation of traditional country folk who live life as it used to be in a bygone era. The heritage and traditions of the past are carefully preserved here and even celebrated by today’s generation too. It is where fugitives from city-life come for a respite.

In summary, France is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated countries in Europe with lovely weather, amazing food and a sea of culture to take a deep plunge into. There is that amazing time of the day when you are socially encouraged to grab something sweet. The French cuisine is really diversified and comprised of traditional dishes originating from different regions. The old France is still alive and well, in its own way, and still to be found in its villages and markets, traditions and regional delicacies, such as the vast and very varied choice of French cheeses. It is true that they do eat snails – and they are delicious too!

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