What Places is Worth Visiting in and around Bristol?

If you’ve recently booked one of the many high-quality serviced apartments in Bristol, you’re probably wondering what you can do during your stay. Well, you’re in luck! Bristol and the surrounding area are filled with exciting attractions, historical wonders, and some of the best entertainment and shopping opportunities around.

Let’s dive into some of them to make your Bristol visit one you’ll remember!

1: Guided Harbour Tour

Bristol’s harbor is one of its most iconic locations. It’s packed with shops and restaurants that we’ll talk about later, but you can get a head start on finding the best places with a guided tour.

There are several tour guides available, and each one will take you along the historical harbor ports and walkways to give you an up-close-and-personal look at each of the go-to spots.

We recommend taking an on-foot tour of the harbor early in your visit to avoid having to search for everything later on.

2: Clifton Suspension Bridge

Just outside of the main city area, the Clifton suspension bridge stretches across the Avon gorge. With just a few minutes of walking, you’ll get the best view of one of Bristol’s most iconic landscapes, and it’s truly a sight to behold.

The bridge is symbolic of Bristol’s history, maintains the historical architecture Bristol is known for, and the Avon gorge is something you surely don’t want to miss during your visit. It’s also a free way to add value to your experience.

3: Tastes of the Harbour

The historical Bristol harbor was once the economic backbone of the city, and it’s why the city is what it is, today. Nowadays, the old warehouses have been converted into top-notch dining spots and shops.

Just a few minutes from the main part of the city, the harbor has plenty of opportunities for you to dine on high-quality food, drink a few craft beers, and pick up souvenirs before you go back home.

No trip to Bristol is complete without at least one visit to the harbor. Make sure to book a guided tour on your first visit. There’s a lot to see and do.

4: Brandon Park

Brandon park has something to offer visitors of all kinds. The lush greenery is perfect for romantic picnics, time spent with your family, or just taking in the scenery. More interestingly, the iconic Cabot Tower looms above the park, and it’s fully accessible. If you have an adventurous spirit, climbing Cabot Tower will give you a good workout and the best view of Bristol you’re ever going to get.

5: Bristol Zoo Gardens

The Bristol Zoo Gardens are home to some of the world’s most interesting animal species, and the gardens are right outside Bristol. Complete exhibits featuring endangered species, up-close-and-personal butterfly encounters, and more make the Bristol Zoo Gardens the perfect destination for families on vacation.

 Explore Bristol

Bristol has a ton to offer, and we can’t possibly list everything here. Most attractions are a short walk from the most popular serviced apartments in Bristol, and there are plenty of ferries and trains to get you to exciting locations further out.

Don’t spend your whole visit stuck in an apartment; explore Bristol, today!

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