What is needed for a road trip?

Adventurers can snorkel in reefs off Turks and Caicos, snow board at Big Bear, surf the Southern Cal Pacific, and hand glide at any beachy resort. At some point, though, packing clothes and loading everything into the car becomes as exhausting as the trip itself. However, excessive packing does not mean the end to adventurous travel. When taking a short trip, day or overnight, road trippers should focus on five essentials-transportation, food, clothing, lodging, and location.

What to drive

The most essential item road trippers need is a reliable vehicle. Travelers have two options. The first option is to rent a vehicle for their trips. After a while, though, these rentals add up. As opposed to spending unnecessary money on rentals, travelers might consider purchasing a sturdy car from any car loan company. However, besides considering cars as options, travellers can also consider purchasing vans. Vans are known to be built to take the road trip treatment. These vehicles have multiple safety features like tire pressure monitoring, multiple airbags, adaptive brake lights, brake assist, and ESP trailer stabilization that are ideal when driving long distances. However, whatever their choice, travellers need to get their vehicles insured. For instance, if they have bought a van, then it would be a good idea to opt for cheap van insurance immediately. They should remember that long hours on the road can mean a lot of wear and tear on vehicles, which would need a ton of money for repairs. So, opting for an insurance policy for the vehicle could save them from unnecessary expenses and headaches.

Anyway, once road trippers are done with purchasing reliable transportation and an insurance policy, they should keep items like a jack (to change tires), a portable battery or jumper cables, and a travel gas container in their vehicle for roadside emergencies. Smart road trippers purchase a map, use the app Waze or use a GPS system that helps search for locations.
What to eat

Travelers can save money ahead of time by pre-planning their meals. While on the hunt for adventure, travelers might be tempted to eat at fast food restaurants on the way for convenience, which adds up. Travelers might find it less expensive to get a really good cooler and pack their favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner items to eat on the road. If not on a budget, travelers can research affordable dining outside of the usual fast food restaurants, as most travel sites will list restaurants and prices. In addition, pack snacks to avoid impulse buys at the gas station checkout counter. Snacks like trail mix, chips, and any variety of fruit are easy to pack and store in a small cooler. Also, would be travelers should bring extra bottles of water or their favorite beverage, again to avoid impulse buys on the way to their destination.

What to wear

Road tripping is characterized by adventure, and for this reason, all items should be those absolutely necessary. Example items include a few pair of easily washable shirts and jeans or shorts, a portable blow dryer, and needed toiletries (i.e. tooth paste and soap). Depending on the type of trip, travelers might exchange cute summer sandals for a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers. As opposed to carrying a heavy suitcase, use a large backpack that can accommodate this short list of clothing. Also, make sure to bring a camera (either as a part of a phone or an old school one) to take pics of the wonderful trip.

Where to stay

Some travelers might pack a sleeping bag and a tent to spend the night star gazing while others might feel more comfortable in a motel, hostel or bed and breakfast. For road trips, though, hostels are probably the most appropriate because they do not require making reservations ahead of time, as they are built for road trippers and backpackers. Furthermore, the cost to stay in one overnight runs from $12 to $25. Travelers can go to any number of internet sites to look for recommendations for lodging. Sites like Roadtrippers can give lodging costs and locations to travelers looking for adventure on a budget.

Where to journey

The world is a road tripper’s paradise because of the many opportunities to enjoy different places and cultures. Travelers can go off their own beaten path or they can travel some of the most famous road trips. If traveling in America, road trippers can take Pacific Coast Highway along the Southern California coast into Malibu for a scenic drive. On the Eastern side of the United States, travelers can ride The Overseas Highway between Key West and Miami while getting a picturesque view of the Caribbean Ocean. If traveling in Canada, road trippers might take in the Rockies when traveling Icefields Parkway. When in Europe, travelers can partake in a number of scenic highways like Stelvio Pass in Italy, La Route Des Grandes Alpes in France, or Hidden Highway in the UK.

While all road trips are memorable, travelers might bring along travel diaries and other tools to record the great time had by all. Bring plenty of good music and interesting conversation to add to the mix of excitement and adventure. Within the miles and miles that lay before road trippers are numerous topics to discuss, arguments to have, jokes to tell, and more importantly, adventures to anticipate.

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