Visit the Historic Streets of Rome by Choosing the Right Bike Tours

One of the best ways to explore the wonderful city of Rome is through bike tours. If you like to visit places at your own leisurely pace, then renting  a bike could be a wonderful option for you. There are a lot of bike rentals in Rome. You can either book these individually or ask your hotel to book it for you.

When in Roman, Act as the Romans

This catchy phrase holds true wherever you go. Every state and country have different culture that you need to respect and abide by. This includes your behaviour and etiquette skills too. Depending on your preference of travel, you can book bike tours.

You can check online or join hospitality networks that work exclusively for touring cyclists. If you are booking online, you can check out the bike tours offered by TopBike Rentals & Tours in Via Labicana. They are pioneers in organizing private or group bike tours. If you want to check out the lesser known areas of Rome, untouched by tourists, then that too can be arranged by them.

In the case of hospitality networks, many tourists prefer to go in for a combo package. Here you can opt for accommodation, food and camping options. You might need to book in advance in order to get the best deals and offers. You can even enquire about the services of Rome bike tours of top bike rental companies and get to know the experiences from other tourists.

The Right Etiquette Can Go a Long Way

Rome is known for its hospitality. The locals are polite and helpful. There are lot of things to see and do in Rome. A lazy walk through the streets of Rome can take you to some scenic landscapes that are sure to take your breath away. It is also famous for its historical and architectural monuments.

No matter where you stay in Rome, the right etiquette does matter. If you are staying at a person’s home, your rapport with them can open new doors to a wonderful relationship and get you some juicy unknown facts about this wonderful city.

Every housing or boarding has certain rules that you might need to abide by. If you have kids, ensure that you keep an eye on them so that they do not cause any inconvenience to your hosts. If they have closing hours, then ensure that you finish your travel plan for the day and be at home before the closing time.

Enquire beforehand about the alcohol restrictions if any. Do not touch things that do not belong to you. If something interests you, always ask for permission from the hosts. Be respectful on your hosts’ religious sentiments.

Help with the household chores. When you are done eating, ensure that you pick up your plates and wash them. Get to know them by talking about their lives. If you host does not prefer to talk much, do not force yourselves on them.

Show your gratitude for their hospitality by gifting them a small memento or taking a picture of your time with them. They will be more than happy to pose for you. If they have a website or blog, you can contribute your wonderful experience for other travellers to read.

Being Generous Does Not Mean Taking Advantage

Out of courtesy, you host might force you to stay for a few more days. Ensure that you politely refuse. Stick to your timetable. There may be other travellers who have already made reservations and you might be causing an inconvenience to them.

If you really had a good rapport with your hosts’ you can always come back to stay while in Rome. You can even ask them to visit your place and constantly stay in touch.

Choosing the Right Bicycle Tour

In addition to choosing the right bicycle tour companies, you need to understand your preferences too. Some points that can help you with achieving the best bike tours are:

  • The purpose of your bike tour. Do you want to just chill and relax or are you looking for something specific?
  • Are the monuments or landmarks in Rome that you want to see accessible by bike tours?
  • What is your comfort level when it comes to bikes?
  • Do you have kids with you?
  • Should you opt for standard or electric bikes?
  • Do you free to ride on flat lanes or complex trails?
  • How fast can you keep up with the bike group?
  • Where do you want to pull up for the night?
  • Do you prefer to travel solo or in a group guided tour?
  • What is your travel route? Do you prefer to bike ride daily or occasionally?


Your behaviour and attitude towards your hosts is a reflection of your personality. Simultaneously you will also be representing your country and your tourists’ fraternity and you definitely do not want your hosts to have a negative opinion about the entire cycling community. 

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