Traveling Around the World on a Budget

The primary challenge for most regular people when it comes to traveling around the world is the cost. This is a valid concern since you must cater for transportation, accommodation, food and fun things that you would like to do in each city. However, you do not need to be a billionaire to see the world. Here are some practical and simple guidelines on traveling around the world on a budget.

Priorities Saving

When planning to travel around the world, your first priority should be saving. It might seem like a difficult task, especially when you have responsibilities like student loans, rent and bills. However, if you priorities travel, you will have a substantial bank balance in no time. To get started, start by identifying critical expenses and non-priority expenses and eliminate the latter. For example, your daily coffee and take-out will quietly siphon your money. If possible, get a roommate for cost sharing and start taking public transportation. In addition, ditch cable and start watching everything online. Finally, you should open a savings bank account dedicated to your travel funds.

Plan to Work Overseas

You should plan to get jobs in the places that you will be traveling. Even if you manage to save a lot of money, you will still need to ensure that you do not run out. Therefore, working is the best way to offset your long-term expenses. The right job for you will depend on your talents, education and general capabilities. Some of the best positions to consider include au pair, waitress, hostel worker, tour guide, farm worker in agricultural countries and even seasonal worker in some resorts.


Watch Out for Discounts and Deals

There are numerous offers that are presented by companies to promote travel and tourism. Therefore, you should keep your eyes open for discounts and deals that could ease the financial repercussions when traveling around the world on a budget. For example, Thomson Holidays is a travel operator that provides discount codes which can be used for flights, cruises and other holiday features. You should also sign up for travel cards which allow you to earn and collect miles. If you can gain access to travel magazines and newsletters, keep up with them because they often have info on great deals.

Stay with Locals

Accommodation is expensive for travelers and it can quickly drain your savings. Therefore, you should consider staying with locals cheaply or for free. Basically, there are services that have been established to connect travelers with local people who are willing to provide accommodation. You can get a couch or even a room to spend your nights on and you will make friends during the period. You can also learn a lot about cheap transportation and great joints for local meals. If you are not interested in staying with locals, consider looking for dorm or hostel accommodation instead of hotels.

Free Walking Tours

Finally, you should take free walking tours when you arrive in major cities. You will end up spending a lot of money on transportation if you cannot figure out your surroundings. Ask about these tours in the local tourism offices and hotels or Google. You will be able to find your bearings and learn about the city without messing up your budget.



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