Top Reasons Why Switching To IP PBX System Can Be Best Decision For Your Organization

The IP PBX is an awesome telephony system that offers the facility of telephone calls over the IP data networks. In this technology, all the conversations are transferred in the form of data packets over IP network.

It also involves the most advanced features for communication and also offers robustness and scalability features as well. Moreover, it also has the capability to connect to the conventional PSTN lines through optional gateway. This makes day-to-day business communication hassle free.

Few advanced features of IP phone system

There are many interesting features offered by IP telephone system. Some of them are as follows.

  • Caller ID –  it allows the delivery of caller’s identity to user through phone and the applications
  • Privacy – This feature removes user from corporate directly to avoid unsolicited calling from outside the company
  • Group Directory – It allows the users to search the corporate directory from IP handset
  • N-way calling – Enables the user to initiate three way call from telephone handset
  • Overhead Paging – Enables the organization to dial into third party speaker system for paging
  • Call forward Busy – Allows the users to redirect their calls to another number when the incoming calls encounters busy condition
  • Call forward Always – It allows the user to redirect all the incoming calls to any other phone number
  • Shared call Appearance – Allows multiple handsets to appear like DID or extension and share calls across multiple devices
  • Do not disturb – It allows the user to set their destination as unavailable. The incoming calls are given busy treatment if this feature is enabled

What are the benefits of switching to IP PBX?

As compared to proprietary phone system, the IP PBX telephone system offers much ease and convenience when it comes to installing and configuring it. This technology runs as an application software on computer and can take maximum benefits of the advanced processing power of computer and of the user interface as well.

Professionals service providers take care of networking and computers, and also help their clients in maintaining the IP PBX. They also provide instant IT support in case of any queries regarding the working of IP PBX phone system.

This system can also be easily managed through GUI or web-based configuration interface. On other hand, the proprietary systems generally have complex interfaces that can be used only by the telephone technicians.

This telephone system enables the user to connect hardware IP phones to standard computer network ports. Software phones can easily be installed directly on PC. This eliminates the complex phone wiring and makes moving and adding of the extensions very easy.

In case of proprietary systems, adding extra phone lines often needs costly hardware modules. In many cases, the organization may even need a complete new phone system. While in case of IP PBX system, a simple standard computer can handle large number of extension and phone lines easily.

IP PBX is software based that offers great ease to the developers to improve or even add the feature sets. Most of the IP PBX phone systems come with great features including voice mail, auto attendant, advanced reporting, ring groups, and many more.

Many of the employees struggle to use the advanced phone features that are offered by the other phone system, but using an IP PBX system can be very easy. All the features can be conveniently performed from user friendly GUI.

Moreover, the users get better overview of status of other extensions as well. Proprietary system mostly requires costly system phones, to know such detailed information about the status.

Hence, investing in software based IP PBX systems can prove to be very beneficial for your organization. It offers significant savings in maintenance, call costs, and overall managing of the telephone systems. Professional business telephony companies will take care of installations and provide Office 365 Dubai support. You can contact them anytime for assistance.

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