Top experiences whilst holidaying in the U.S :

Planning a holiday with our family or friends can actually work as a stress buster. Holiday traditions are often some of our strongest memories, which all of us would like to posses forever. Whenever you are thinking of some good old memories of your childhood, often they are related to some of the holiday trips, in which you were a part.

Memory is our ability to store, retain and recall specific information and experiences. In order to make a special memory of yours, there could not be any other place than USA. There are a lot of places in US to visit, but the most popular places which should definitely be visited by all are:-

  • Washington DC
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • Las Vegas
  • New York City: 

The New York City is one of the most influential places of art, culture and fashion, globally. The famous places to visit in the city are, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and also the famous river named Hudson. New York is the most densely populated major city in the United States. The city has already gained its reputation by getting a title of “ One of the Most Visited Places of the World”.

Famous Cuisines: There are a lot of different cuisines, available in the cities, which are very famous. The creamy and terrific desert named Cheese Cake has gained its reputation since a long time ago in the city. The second important as well as famous dish of the city is known as the Hot Dogs. Traditionally made of ground pork, beef or both, these frankfurter-style sausages are flavored with garlic, mustard and nutmeg before being cooked. Eggs Benedict is another epic dish of the city, which every single tourist of the New York City must try.

Famous Slush: The famous frozen drinks or slush which are prepared in a Slush Machine, is one of the most famous drinks of the city. Pina Colada is a basic frozen drink whipped up with a special house mix and a lot of Bacardi, but it sure can work as an energy booster.

  • Washington DC: 

Washington DC, is the capital of United States, is a compact city. The main feature of this city is, it has still some heritage buildings or monuments which reflect the neoclassical period. The name of the city was given, in honor of George Washington and it was founded in 1791.

Famous Cuisines: one of the most famous and delicious dish of Washington DC is, Roasted Goat Shoulder, which is served with a buttery pita and Greek condiments like tzatziki sauce. Pork Ribs is another dish, which you cannot deny to taste. Soaked in Mekhong spirit, The addition of smoke, a little sweetness, and fresh dill makes the dish a must try of the city.

Famous Slush: Slush is a very well known drink of the city, also known as the frozen drinks. Red Light is created by DC’s most famous mixologists. This slush is a mixture of Aperol, ice wine, fruit nectar, shaved ice and loads of other fruits. Another famous slush of DC is, Ted’s Bulletin, which is well known for its boozy effects.

  • Los Angeles: 

Los Angeles is a well known city of southern California, famous for being the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Behind the scenes tours of Paramount pictures, Warner Brothers are the main attractions of the city.

Famous Cuisines: God Mother is a special sand-witch available in the city is made out of Genoa salami, prosciutto, mortadella, coppacola, ham and provolone cheese on Italian bread. The other famous dish of the city is Strawberry Donuts. The donuts are generally overflowing with large, and ripe strawberries.

Famous Slush: Some of the wells known as well as famous slush of the Los Angeles are Black Strawberry Bliss, Raven Slush and Sunshine Boulevard. Among all these slushes, the Black Strawberry Bliss is made out of strawberry and basil leaves and ice.

  • Boston:

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and also one of the oldest cities of USA. This city has played an important role in the American Revolution. Boston has expanded beyond its original boundary over the years. Every year the municipality’s history attracts a lot of tourists in the city.

Famous Cuisines: Oyster Stew is a famous recipe of Boston. It is made in a way, that the oyster is not over cooked, it is rich with cream and fresh herbs and served in the restaurants as a special dish. Another delicious dish of the city is, Maine Lobster Roll.

Famous Slush: Some of Boston’s famous and renowned slush are Cranberry Juice slush, Mountain Berry Blast Slush, Blue Coconut Slush, Blue Raspberry Slush etc. All of these are made by following some easy tips, but they should become an integral part of your Boston trip indeed.

  • Las Vegas: 

Las Vegas, situated in Mojave Desert, is a resort town, well known for 24 hour fun at casinos and endless options for various entertainments. The city is one of the top three destinations in the United States for conventions, businesses and meetings.

Famous Cuisines: The Chicken Fingers of Las Vegas is a dish, to which, nobody would be able to say no. Crispy, golden breading wraps served with wide bowls of hot sauce and ranch is simply irresistible. Honey Toast is also a well known desert of the city which you must try. Among the other famous dishes of the city are, Meatballs, Shrimp Cocktail etc.

Famous Slush: The well known slush of Las Vegas is, Boat Drinks. This drink is not like the other Frozen Drinks, available in the market. But it is made with a unique blend of Rum Runner, Havanas and Bananas, the Barma Breeze, and some of the excellent fruits. The other famous slush of the city are Riva, Solaro, Margarita, Numb Cappuccino etc.

Having a nice holiday with your near and dear ones can actually provide you some peace of mind. Prolonged hours of working can make people feel frustrated, so they need a leave from all of these. So, this article would be helpful enough to fix a tour to the United States of America and become a part of their amazing food habits and culture.

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