Top European Canyoning Locations

Did you know that canyoning is illegal in several states of the USA? This thrilling outdoor activity started in France, but it spread like wildfire in Australia and New Zealand. You can easily avoid USA for you canyoning trips and head straight to some of the coolest and most exciting destinations in Europe. Here are the top places where you can pack your gear and get your adrenaline fix.

Old School Canyoning: Nice, France

They say France is where it all started in the ‘90s. Therefore, starting your European canyoning adventure in France would be a nice homage to the origins of this sport. Choose Nice for your base, because there are three excellent canyons near it, each with a different level of difficulty. Les Gorges de Loup is the easiest of them all. A couple of small waterfalls and a little bit of rappelling make it a nice and easy adventure. Bollèn is a bit more challenging. There is far more jumping involved and the waterfalls can get pretty steep. Only seasoned experts should attempt conquering Maglia in the Alps. You will go through caves, slide down some very challenging waterfalls and have more than a dozen jumps.

The Unforgettable Heights: Tirol, Austria

Auerklamm is the most famous canyon for those who enjoy this sport, but it is not a place for beginners. There is a lot of abseiling involved, so those who choose this canyon should have at least some experience. This does not mean that the novices don’t have a chance to try their luck in Tirol. Rosengartenschluht is quite welcoming for those that want to try this thrilling sport for the first time. It is an exciting route, but with mild slides into deep water. Even families with children over 7 can do it.

The Temperamental Nature of South: Andalucia, Spain

Malaga and Granada are two hottest canyoning spots in Spain. For total beginners, Malaga offers Rio Guadalamina. Those who already did some canyoning, should go to Rio Verde, Granada, which is one of the most famous canyoning spots in the entire Spain. Of course, the true aficionados with a lot of experience should head straight for Lentegi if you are in Granada and Buitreras if you are in Malaga. The stunning scenery and the demanding routes will give you thrills of a lifetime.

The Hidden Gem of Europe: Nevidio, Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country, so you do not have to drive far to reach all of its canyons. This place boasts almost untouched nature and glorious deep forests and dramatic scenery. For the easiest route, choose Rikavac. It is a short ride that even families can enjoy. Nevidio is the most famous track which is excellent for the intermediate level. The most interesting part of this trip are the small, deep pools of turquoise waters that you need to abseil into since they are surrounded by cliffs. You can include all of these into a great Montenegro canyoning tour. Enjoy exploring Durmitor National Park during your trip, because the nature is breath-taking.

There are many more places around Europe that you can visit and explore. Switzerland, Scotland, Italy and Greece are all among the countries that offer hidden gems of canyons just waiting to be conquered. You need to make sure that you are fit and well equipped. Also, always study your location before going there for your adventure, because some of them may require certain skills or experience you may still lack. Be prepared and get that heart pumping with joy.

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