Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Daydreaming about your next big adventure but financial reservations holding you back from taking the plunge on that $1.2k plane ticket? You’re not alone, and luckily with the right planning and help from some of the best fundraising websites out there, you can work around it. Here are few tips to help you take on your ventures on a budget.

Set goals
Before the logistics of your conquest are even figured out, define your goals and write them down. This should include your destination, the timeframe you want to travel and whom you wish to bring along with you.

You should also define a goal in terms of a dollar amount. The trick here is to ensure your number is cost-conscious, but also realistic in the sense that it will cover your travel expenses and aligns with your spending habits.

To define this number write down what it would cost to travel at your leisure and convenience. Factor in purchasing three meals a day and include how much it would cost to partake in all the activities on your wish list. Next, calculate a different number that accounts for the cheapest flight available – feel free to use a comparison website like to help streamline your research. Factor in the cost of only two meals a day, and add in one half of the activities you had on your first list. Find the average of your two numbers and there’s your budget.


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List your priorities
Traveling on a budget is like apartment hunting. You may have to sacrifice that extra closet space for two less flights of stairs in a walk up building. It’s personal and all comes down to what matters more to you.

To help streamline this process make a list of your travel priorities before you book anything. Be honest with yourself. Would you rather invest in a top notch hotels stay with all the amenities, or would a hostel provide what you need, leaving you a little extra dough to put towards experiences or food and drink?

In addition to the basics, make a list of all sights and activities and rate them in priority order. It is also helpful to note if certain activities require a tour guide that often comes with a fee, or if it’s something you can do on your own and gain the same experience. is great website to check out for real traveler tips and ratings when it comes to sightseeing while getting the most bang for your buck.

Remember that dollar goal we set for ourselves at the beginning? Well, now is the time to start saving towards it. Do the math to figure out how much you will need to set aside each week to meet your number in the time frame you are aiming for. If it feels like a stretch, set up a crowd fund that allows others to help you reach your goal. To get started, check out Plumfund, which is among the best fundraising websites out there. It is easy to use and effective.


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Your trip is finally booked and your bags are packed – now is a great time to take up journaling. Of course, the primary focus of your new hobby should be to document all the fun you’re having and people you’re meeting. But, it also helps to jot down your total expenditures for the day in an effort to stay on track of your budget. Plus, it will come in handy when it comes time to plan your next adventure!

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