Three Reasons to Take a Backup Generator on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping has undergone many changes over the years. From pretty much being how people lived in the caveman era to the ‘glamping’ offered at festivals, spending a few nights out in the wild has never been so comfortable. Continuing advances in technology have led to this situation and taking a generator allows all the conveniences of home to be present however far from civilization you may be.

Much like how mobile phones have shrunk in size over time, generators have too. The portable ones available from SGS Engineering are small and light enough to fit in any car, making them perfect for many reasons, whether on a weekend away or spending a few weeks travelling the outback.



Let’s be honest, campsite food isn’t all that great. There are only so many times you can eat roasted marshmallows and have the patience to wait an hour for your burgers to char on a makeshift bonfire/barbeque. Instead, with a generator, you have the supply to power a portable hob or two. Sunday roasts are still a long way off but at least this makes frying eggs, sausages, or burgers a lot easier. More sophisticated meals are available too as boiling rice and pasta becomes possible, while you also have the power for a kettle or coffee maker. Be sure to get enough fuel for the generator. You can check out companies like Nelson Propane Gas ( to get the required supply for your home and backup generator.


Being in the great outdoors is a superb experience but if you’re camping for a while, and especially when alone, it can get a bit dull. Reading, thinking, drawing and meditating are all fine for a while but a generator does allow you the option of further entertainment. You can plug in a laptop and watch a DVD (excellent for keeping children busy for an hour) and use all the other services the laptop provides. With a dongle you can even get the internet to keep in touch with those back home. A radio is also good for listening to a live sports game, music or the news.


A generator is extremely useful for those travelling off the beaten track in case of an emergency. When there are no garages nearby it can help power your vehicle a little or just keep your phone charged to call for help. If you end up stranded then you’ll be even more glad of the generator as it helps keep you well fed and entertained too, staving off the madness that little bit longer.

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