The Most Exhilarating Kayaking Experiences in India

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Kayaking is a great adventure sport for thrill seekers and one surprisingly great place to try this sport is India. With many rivers and rapids to choose from, you can take in the natural beauty of India whilst getting that adrenaline rush. Whether you are a first-time kayaker or you have been on the rapids for years, there are places to visit for beginners to pros and you can also book a kayaking trip with instructors if you don’t want to go out on your own.

Brahmaputra River

This large river flows through China, India and Bangladesh and is known for some of the most insane rapids to be found in India. This is not a place for beginners, but those looking for kayaking in the tough rapids. If you want to catch a thrill, then you can head out on one of the many kayaking tours, which include stopping over on the way down the river and a few hikes.

Sukhna Lake

For a gentler kayak, this lake that resides at the bottom of the Shivalik mountain range is a great chilled out first time kayaking experience. With beautiful scenery, you can kayak across this lake with ease. If you are visiting Chandigarh, this lake is great for a peaceful day out that doesn’t cost too much. If you’d like to see the more peaceful side of India and get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, book hotels in Chandigarh.


This is the most popular kayaking destination in India and there is lots do. Great for both beginners and pros, there are a range of rapids to explore in Rishikesh. If you want to have instruction on your kayaking journey, there are kayaking tours that begin at Brahmapuri, and go down to the city of Rishikesh. This is a great kayaking experience as you can get the best of both worlds, from kayaking through rapids to breaks of calm water. You can take in the views of the city between adrenaline rushes.

Tons River

For those looking for a challenge in kayaking, the Tons River is known as the most rapid kayaking river in India. The rapids range from grade 3 to grade 5 here. This river joins together with 4 other rivers in Uttarakhand, which are great for a kayaking trip or expedition. Remember to stay safe on the harsh rapids and don’t kayak alone.

Kerala Backwaters

These backwaters are an amazing place to kayak for a relaxing holiday with beautiful scenery. You can stay in a houseboat and roam through the backwaters of Kerala throughout the day under the shades of the many bright palm trees surrounding these waters. This is best if you’ve had enough thrills kayaking or you want to learn how to kayak in a safe and calm environment with amazing views.

India is a great place to go kayaking, with many rivers to choose from with all grades of rapids. Wherever you visit, make sure to enjoy the local foods too!

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