The Great Outdoors.

Many people say that the outdoors is not for them even though they have probably never tried it. They have concerns about bugs, creepy crawlies, snakes, critters and other such things. The reality  is that the outdoors is a feast of enjoyment for all people of all ages. Being in our natural surroundings and breathing all that fresh air not only provides great exercise, but leaves us breathless for more. The mental benefits alone are excuse enough to just get out there and see the beauty that surrounds us. Lets look at some of the great benefits the great outdoors offers us.

More Exercise.

  1. The exercise you get from hiking across the countryside or climbing that mossy hill can be done alone or with groups. You don’t need friends to enjoy the country air or to see the animals living all around you. There are many choices of activities such as kayaking, swimming in lakes or rivers, fishing and the list goes on and on. Doctors recommend a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate activity a week, so get out their and use natures gym.


  1. The social benefits to children and adults alike is immeasurable. Taking part in outdoor activities allows us to make new friends and become closer to older ones. It allows parents to bond with their kids and vice versa, and we get to share our passions with the ones we love.

Reduces Stress.

  1. It’s proven that physical activity goes a long way to improve stress levels, endurance levels and helps with depression. Being a more recreational person helps with an overall positive outlook on life and builds endurance levels. I suppose if you want more excitement in your life, you could learn to fly a plane, but the serenity of the outdoors and the countryside is hard to beat.

Better Sleep.

  1. If you engage in more outdoor activities and get the heart rate up, then you will experience better sleep patterns. Exercise has been proven to give you much longer, more relaxing and deeper sleep. In turn, this better sleep gives you a higher energy level and you are much more alert the next day, which allows you to concentrate better on your work. Performing better work may bring its own rewards like promotion and salary increases.
  1. Take The Plunge and Release Your Inner Kid.

If you are thinking that outdoor sports and activities are just not for you, then fine but think about your children. Kids love to play outside because it allows them to explore new things, builds muscle and coordination and more importantly gives them more self-confidence. The British weather isn’t the best out there, but with the best preparation, the outdoors can be a wonderful and magical place.

Our lives move so quickly and between going to work, taking care of your children and now the endless time spent on social media sites, we are spending the vast majority of our time indoors and it is having a bad effect on our health and more importantly our kid’s health.  It’s time to get outside guys. So go on, release your inner kid.

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