The First Things You Absolutely Must Do When Moving to London

Making the move to live in London is something that many people spend years dreaming of doing. Once you finally do it then you are sure to have loads of things that you want to do.

The early days when you first arrive here are crucial, as this is when you need to start to build a new life for yourself. The following tips will help you to do this more easily and successfully.

Get Used to the Tube

One of the most daunting aspects of a move to London is that of getting to grips with the Underground. Affectionately known as the Tube, this is a fast and efficient way of getting round.

However, it may take you a few minutes to understand the map, before you even get started on the process of getting around. If you are going to use the Tube for getting to work each day then you will want to completely comfortable in using it.

The good news is that it shouldn’t take you long to get to grips with this transport method. Soon, you will be travelling around the capital like a veteran.

Explore the City

Most people who come to London have dreams of visiting all of the museums, going to West End musicals and doing all sorts of other fun stuff. However, the reality of a long day at work, a time-consuming commute and an expensive lifestyle can stop this from coming true.

This is why it makes sense to explore this incredible city in your early days. Why not act like a tourist and visit Buckingham Palace before going on Thames river cruises or heading to the zoo?

There are so many exciting things to do here that you will be spoiled for choice. Finding the time to explore the capital before you settle down into a new routine will make you feel a lot more at ease in your new home.

It is a smart move to get your bearings first of all. This can be done easily on an open topped bus tour or by being more stylish and going on a Thames afternoon tea cruise.

Find Somewhere to Live

The question of where to live is a burning issue for everyone who moves to London. While the central parts of the city are prohibitively expensive for most people, there are plenty of options slightly further out.

Each neighbourhood has its own pros and cons, so it is well getting out to explore them for yourself. As you do this, be sure to take a good note of what you find.

It is important to take into account the travelling time to your place of work. A long and tiring commute can be a real hassle after a while.

Make New Friends 

It is easy to view a big city like London as a cold and lonely place where it is going to be difficult to find new friends. Yet, it is filled with people just like you, who have moved here and now want to start a new life.

Getting a new hobby, going out with work colleagues and being open to new friendships will all help you to settle in more easily. As this is such a diverse and cosmopolitan city you could end up with friends from all round the world and from hugely different backgrounds.

If you keep an open mind and make a genuine effort then you should find that you soon have a new social circle to enjoy in the capital.

Have Fun

Finally, it can be far too easy to concentrate on the practical issues and forget about having fun. When you move to London there is a lot of hard work waiting or you but a lot of fun as well.

Try and make the most of your early days to do the things you have always wanted to do. Starting a brand new phase in your life like this might be something that you only ever do once, so make the most of it in any way you can.

You can try food from all round the world, sample world famous pubs, look out for Hollywood film stars and basically feel as though you are living a fantastic life. It is a great feeling to be in London and living an amazing adventure like this.

Don’t let worries and doubts ruin your early days in the capital. This is a time to enjoy life and make some sound decisions that set up nicely for the years ahead.

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