The best inflatable mattresses for travelers

Air mattresses are the best for people who go camping or travelling. The best inflatable mattress is one which is easy to use since when you want to use a mattress you are really so tired and will not want to start fumbling with an instruction manual to make the bed ready. The mattress should inflate quickly and quietly. Also, the mattress should be easy to fold and store when you no longer need it. The best inflatable mattress for travelers should also not be too big to take so much closet space.

Loose or snooze is another characteristic of a good inflatable mattress for travelers. The mattress should never make your back ache or wake you up with squeaking noise when you turn and toss. It should not deflate in the middle while you are sleeping and it should be easy to adjust the volume of air so that you can have the firmness that you prefer. And most importantly, the best inflatable mattress for travelers should allow having a good night sleep.

There are various examples of good inflatable mattresses that you can purchase at if you intend to go camping, travelling or just for a sleep over. The first example is coleman 4 inch. This is a very affordable air mattress which is suitable for outdoors. This mattress can be set up in three different ways. It can be divided into two twin beds, it can be zipped together to form one king size bed or it can be stack together to form a raised twin bed.

Coleman mattress does not come with a pump. You can instead use something like a blow dryer to inflate it but you must ensure that the blow dryer is on the cool setting. The main benefit of this inflatable mattress is that it is light in weight and it is easy to store. You will never need so much space to store it.

The second example of an inflatable mattress that travelers can consider buying is the wenzel insta-bed. Just like the coleman, this mattress also does not come with an air pump. You will have to inflate it using a blow dryer as well but unlike the coleman mattress, wenzel provides a tiny pump which even though is too small to inflate the whole mattress lets you make slight firmness adjustments. Wenzel mattress is also light in weight which makes it easy to store.

The third example of an inflatable mattress that travelers can consider buying is the aerobed premier comfort zone. This is a very comfortable and very easy to set inflatable mattress. It contains a built in electrical pump which makes inflation easy and quick without and accidents or snags. This mattress is also affordable. Its only minor drawback is that the pump is noisy. You will end up destructing others during inflation.

The fourth example of an inflatable mattress that is good for travelers is the air cloud pillow top. This mattress is easy to set up. You only need to plug it in and press the inflate button. The inflate or deflate remote lets you adjust the firmness.

The fifth example of an inflatable mattress that travelers can consider buying is the home trends raised mattress. This mattress has a built in pump that you can use to inflate within a short time and it is also very affordable. It also contains a little compartment where the electrical cord can be kept. The home trends raised mattress pump however is a bit strange. The pump comes with a dial that you have to flip around in order to deflate and inflate. However this type of mattress is the lightest of all pump containing inflatable mattresses. It can inflate to the height of a usual bed (24 inches).

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