The 5 Best Winter Holidays for Snow Based Fun

Whilst autumn is here and winter is on the way, for many of us the idea of a white Christmas isn’t going to be on the cards. This is particularly true if you live in the UK, where any snow is either immediately nullified by the relentless rain, or the snow causes consider travel chaos.

Winter conditions shouldn’t be feared, however, as they can offer a fantastic wintery break for families, friends, or couples. What could be better at this time of year than embracing the snow and low temperatures? For a bit of inspiration, here are 5 wintery holidays which will genuinely make your tail end of 2016 a grand experience.

  1. Slovenia

This central European nation offers some amazing ski resorts and some of the most spectacular natural scenery imaginable.

Whether it’s the Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana or the mountain regions which offer brilliant hiking opportunities, this is one country which isn’t at the top of most peoples’ tourist destinations, but most certainly should be. This travel guide from Lonely Planet will likely convince you to make a trip.

  1. Sweden

This spectacular country has something for everyone. A Sami culture trip is possibly the best way to introduce yourself to the country. There is a snow festival which begins in January, with events such as skoterhopp offering spectacular snowmobile jumping offering an action packed experience.

There’s also the legendary Gavle goat, which has turned into a fun tourist attraction and a tacit tradition has emerged where it’s burned to the ground! You can check out Visit Sweden for further details.

  1. Lithuania

Ice Fishing – why not? Get all macho about it and head out into the wilderness to catch some fish. You will head out onto a dramatic frozen lake and enjoy the peace and quiet as you hunt for fish below the deep ice. There’s a cosy cottage just nearby, of course, and plenty of dramatic scenery to turn your holiday into a relaxing experience.

  1. Road Trips

Of course, instead of heading to a resort or having everything taken care of for you, some of the more adventurous amongst you can head off on a road trip. This, of course, is particularly daring at this time of year, so to ensure you’re as safe as possible acquire some top quality tyres to fit to your vehicle. Winter tyres are ideal and will ensure you have the best performance available to you.

Where should you go? Well, there are so many places to choose from! A random choice would be many of the beautiful locations in Europe. Iceland, for instance, offers spectacular views and peace and quiet (check out this itinerary guide for what to expect).

Alternatively, Scotland is a beautiful location. Why not head into the highlands and enjoy some of this wonderful country’s spectacular countryside? This epic road trip guide could quite easily sway your decision.

  1. Skiing

Arguably, France offers the best opportunities to head out skiing and one of the most naturally spectacular is le Grand Bornand – an hour away from Geneva. It’s a family-friendly location which is also a foodie paradise, most notably due to the Reblochon cheese which is in abundance.

It’s an extremely beautiful location, too, and resembles something off a fantasy film set. If there was a live version of Disney’s Frozen, this surely would be the location of choice for filming! Idyllic and peaceful, it’s definitely the place to go to escape from it all.

There are plenty of other brilliant locations across the world, of course. For more ideas, you can visit this winter sports holiday ideas article from the Guardian for further inspiration. Why not add a slice of wintery fun into your yuletide experience?

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