Thai on a New Perspective: 3 Cultural Learning Points That Make Thailand Unique

It doesn’t take very long when you arrive in Thailand to realize that this is a country that has its own personality and ways of doing things that you don’t find anywhere else.

Exploring that unique culture is very much part of the fascination attached to visiting and when they say that travel broadens the mind, they probably had Thailand in mind.

Here is a look at some the key things that make Thailand so unique.

Understanding the culture

Thai culture is a mix of strong Indian influences blended with Chinese traditions, resulting in a truly unique mix of these two cultures that define the Thai people and how they lead their lives.

It is known as a place that boasts a truly stunning and diverse geography and you will discover that the country is divided into four truly distinct regions, all of which have their own unique cultural identity and landscape to enjoy.

If you head to Northern Thailand you will find a region that is defined by mountains and thick vegetation, and people who are strongly influenced by Burmese culture.

The Northeastern region of the country is also known as Isan and it is noticeably isolated from the rest of Thailand by a big mountain range.

Southern Thailand is dominated by many of the famous and iconic beaches and resorts that are so popular with tourists.

Central Thailand is where the action is, with the city of Bangkok being one of the major reasons why people come to the country, and it is also the part of Thailand that is considered to be the economic, cultural, and political epicenter.

A true sense of identity

Whether you are staying in Bangkok at somewhere like the Marriott Executive Apartments or another part of Thailand you will notice that many parts of their personality and outlook are influenced by Buddhism.

There is no question that Buddhist principles are a strong influence on Thai culture and it is fair to say that Hinduism has also made a significant contribution too.

What you will find is that all Thai people tend to have a strong sense of shared traditions and the fact that the country is known generally as the Land of Smiles is a testament to the friendly nature that you will encounter when engaging with many different local people.


The vast majority of the population are Theravada Buddhist and the belief system attached to that religion plays a significant part in how Thai people lead their lives.

The most important values to Thai people are the ability to show respect and exercise a high degree of self-control and restraint. It is viewed as shameful to lose face by displaying anger or not telling the truth and public displays of emotion are frowned upon.

It is highly likely that Thai people will give you a very warm welcome when you visit their country and that is an attraction that adds to the many reasons why you might want to pay a visit to this amazing country.

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