Skateboarding Hardware Solutions for the Serious Rider

Skateboarding, like any other sport, is constantly developing, and whether its speed or agility you crave, the latest generation of street boards tick all the boxes. Longboarding has become the main design that speed riders opt for, and with super light decks and wheels that are built for speed, these boards can push any rider’s skill levels to the maximum.

UK Skateboarding

As expected, British teenagers soon adopted boarding, and with high interest, the sport has progressed to the level of national championships, and for urban teenagers, skateboarding figures prominently in their lives. Most UK cities now have specially designed boarding parks, with half loops and fast piping tracks where you can reach speeds of up to 40mph. Many British teenagers are seriously into building their own boards, and there are specific websites that are dedicated to the board builder.

Online Suppliers

Whether you’re into a ready to ride board or prefer to build your own, there are online suppliers of quality components like the best longboards, from names, such as Long Island and Santa Cruz, and with online suppliers, you are likely to obtain a lower than retail price. The great thing about online shopping is you can really take your time looking at the many boards on the market today, and once you have made up your mind, all it takes to have the items shipped to your door is a secure online payment.

Safety Equipment

It might look cool to tackle a flowing track, but one cannot afford to overlook safety, and with the right size helmet and knee and elbow pads, the boarder is pretty well protected against any major damage, although grazes come with the territory. You can find trendy helmets and pads, and for those who are serious about the sport, personalised equipment is also available from the online supplier.

Wheels & Bearings

Aside from the deck, the wheels are the most critical components on a skateboard, as they provide the contact with the surface, and most are between 50-60mm wide and come in a wide range of colours and designs. Bearings and bushes provide the free movement, and are designed to be very durable, with Bones, the Swiss manufacturer being the market leader for precision skateboard bearings.


These high tensile fasteners connect the wheel sections with the deck, and if you go for a company like Diamond Supply, the very best quality bolts are available. The bolts might not have an aesthetic value, yet they are critical for maintaining a firm connection between the top and bottom sections of the board.

The number of British teenagers that ride regularly is steadily increasing, and with online suppliers of everything connected to the sport, you can design and build your own board, and if you’re like most riders, you will already be building a second board, as a spare. Learning how to master the board is quite addictive in nature, and despite a few cuts and bruises, we always seem to come back for more.

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