Seek the Thrill of Adventure in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is filled with exciting and thrilling adventures that would make you come back for more. There are a lot of exciting experiences that are waiting for you in this South Pacific pearl whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or New Zealand. So, pack your things, grab your bag, and fly Sydney to Vanuatu. Get ready for the greatest time of your life in paradise.

White sand beaches, red hot lava and volcanoes, refreshing water sports and cruises, exciting adventures and Eco tours, thrilling scuba diving and fishing – these are few of the hundreds of things you can experience when you visit Vanuatu.

Just a few hours of flight from Sydney’s scenic harbor or three hours from the plains of New Zealand, this group of islands east of North Australia is just waiting to awaken the adventurer inside you! Discover the gift of the tropics as you wade through the diverse natural ecosystem of Vanuatu – deep forests, virgin rivers, majestic mountains, and vast oceans. If you need to satisfy your urge of curiosity or want to find yourself in an area of serene peace and beauty, then this paradise is the best place for you to visit.

Be sure to keep your schedules clear and your flights are already booked for there are numerous of destinations to visit in this heavenly archipelago:

Market Shopping

Vanuatu’s markets are never bland. Port Vila Market is colorful and busy round-the-clock from Mondays to Saturdays. You’ll never get bored with all of the island’s products from handicrafts, paintings, and wood carvings, but other modern souvenirs such as T-shirts are also widely available. Apart from that, Port Vila also offers fresh products for a total local experience. Fresh crabs, fishes, fruits, and vegetables are all available for you to try, sold by the hospitable Vanuatu women wearing colorful local dresses.

Mount Yasur Volcano

The consistent rumbling and explosions of lava storms in Mt. Yasur is a majestic sight to see. You wouldn’t need any special permit as it’s the most accessible live volcano in the world! You can take a 4WD from the base to get to the crater rim, or if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can do a 45-minute walk to get a site of its crater. To get an optimum experience, visit Mt. Yasur before sunrise or after sunset to be able to fully see the red hot glow of its lava.

Water Activities

Every water activity you could imagine can be done in Vanuatu. Wreck diving for sunken ships, seaplanes, or even the famous SS President Cooling can give you an astounding view of underwater wreckage. You could also experience scuba diving and snorkeling to catch a glimpse of huge schools of fishes and brightly colored walls of corals. If you don’t want to get too wet, paddle your way through deep blue holes and fresh water rivers using a kayak. You could also go surfing in the ocean through the huge number of surfing spots available. If nature is not your thing, you could try swimming in pools offered by a huge number of resorts scattered throughout the archipelago.

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