Places to explore in United Kingdom for a peaceful vacation

A vacation which doesn’t rejuvenate your mind and soul is a vacation that didn’t serve the purpose well is what I believe. I mean, we all have been tied up to the shackles of a monotonous life that every now and then it becomes imperative to take a break from it for the sake of our sanity. An exhausted mind is an alarming state in life. And, you should not be ignorant of your wellbeing. Well, I am not and whenever I feel the pangs of mental exhaustion clouding my life, I am out exploring the world. For these reasons, I love how the United Kingdom has come to my rescue each time I wanted to run away from all the chaos. The places UK nestles in its heart are drop dead gorgeous. And, each one so serene, so tranquil and so peaceful. It envelopes you in a warm embrace and calms your senses. Well, if this is the kind of vacation you’ve been longing for as well then bookcheap flight tickets and say yes to the matchless beauty of the United Kingdom and its welcoming composure.


The moment you step in to Devon, those creases on your forehead disappear in an instant. Devon’s scenic beauty is beyond words. A laid-back lifestyle characterizes this coastal English county. Blessed with miles of coastline you can feel the fresh sea breeze caressing your face as you head for those secluded walks. The views are truly enigmatic. The moorlands stretch as far as your eyes can reach and the sight of the rolling hills adorned with thatched cottages will make you want to stay back in Devon forever. Also, the local food is a winner with its flavorsome taste.


Dorset is the place you want to be if you need to escape the maddening crowd. The place defines peace in a beautiful manner. Though Dorset is a small county but it makes a mark for itself with its big character. It has everything to appease your aesthetic senses. The enchanting countryside, mystifying coastline, a wealth of historic castles, manicured gardens and fantastic architecture. The UNESCO listed Jurassic Coast which graces Dorset is incredible with its majestic beauty.

The Lake District

UNESCO has awarded The Lake District a Heritage Site status and that speaks volume about the beauty of this place. It teems with the finest verdant expanses, spectacular scenery, stunning lakes and resplendent views that you would never want to stay indoors. The weather is notoriously unpredictable but the pleasant showers and the cloudy sky adds to the allure of the place. ¬†With so much said, it’s no surprise that poets such as William Wordsworth drew inspiration from this very place for some of his exemplary literary work.


Somerset is like a young girl who is fragile and simply beautiful in her childlike innocence. She keeps close to her roots, fancies baking cakes, spends time reading books, and loves the juicy strawberries that grow in her well-kept and nurtured orchard. And, she never gets bored of this life because there is peace in what she does. The slow pace of this South West county is simply inviting. Other than that, its charming personality is defined by beguiling countryside, heavenly beaches, profound history, colorful culture, and awe-inspiring scenic vistas. So, check for best flight deals and make your way to this amazing place. This place attracts numerous visitors from around the world who seek to unwind and find relaxation amidst nature. Moreover, it serves as an ideal destination for those who wish to have a rustic-themed marriage ceremony (away from the hustle-bustle of city life). The presence of a picturesque Wedding venue in somerset has made it possible for people to host truly memorable weddings.


Dubbed as the “Garden of England,” Kent is this county straight out of a fairytale. The place is replenished with splendid beaches, historic castles, vibrant culture, sleepy villages, delish cuisine, amiable locals and all of this sans the annoying tourists. Therefore, as you saunter through this place admiring its beauty you feel like the whole place has come together to make you feel special. There are also endless trails running through the wooded valleys and green rolling hills. So, you can always venture in to the wild and feel a step closer to nature.

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