Mercedes Benz Concept X-Class Pick-Up Truck Preview

If the Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class is indeed a glimpse of what’s to come and the prestigious luxury automaker rolls out mass production soon, adventure road-trips will never be the same again! Using a platform in Stockholm, Sweden, the double cab pickup truck concept was revealed, evoking mixed feelings throughout the market which has long associated the German luxury car manufacturer with a different market.

The current developmental trajectory of the vehicle forms part of a joint venture which features Renault Nissan, the parent company Daimler’s partner in alliance. Consequently, its production will come alongside the Renault Alaskan and the Nissan Navara (sister models).

We’re pretty excited about it here at Kayaking Plus because it sort of comes as the perfect answer to all our road-tripping and adventure travel prayers. I expect nothing less than that comfort, luxury and safety which has long been associated with any vehicle that rolls off the Mercedes Benz production lines, but now all of that is to come in the form of a pick-up truck, which means we can pack in all our travel and adventure gear.

The UK’s largest van retailer, Van Monster, takes us through what makes this Concept X-Class Merc special:

Two Concept X-Class models were unveiled — the Explorer, which is the more stylish of the two, offering a luxurious leather interior and a moderate ride-height, as well as the more rugged Adventurer, which has lots more ground-clearance, is four-wheel driven, has an additional wheel arch and boasts specialist off-road tyres.


As far as the exterior of the Concept X-Class goes, it’s instantly recognisable as a Merc with the traditional Mercedes grille along with a big three-point star Mercedes emblem that’s mounted centrally. The lights are stylish but practical, sporting the latest Merc headlamp lineage. The bonnet and doors are streamlined by some sharp lines.


The cabin finishing is presented in a wide selection of great options, all of high quality as you’d expect from any Mercedes, while the seating makes perfect use of ergonomics to maintain a comfortable ride wherever it is the road takes you. The premium infotainment system takes care of the on-road entertainment.

Towing & Loading

This is perhaps what everybody is itching to know — whether or not the X-Class is any good at doing what pick-ups are built for. No disappointments here — you get a loading capacity of 1,100kg, while the top-of-the-line V6 diesel model can tow up to 3,500kg.

The Drive

The Concept X-Class seems most at home in urban driving environments, yet feels as if it can offer a lot more if given a little bit more of a challenge. Justifiably so too because the precise handling remains so both off-road and on-road, with some of the best cornering capabilities synonymous with the Mercedes Benz name since way back when.

Both models are all set for sale as 2017 draws to a close in the UK and we most certainly can’t wait to see if we could perhaps invest in one.

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