Make Your Golfing Fun With Rangefinders

Rangefinder is an electronic device that’s similar to a single-lens binocular. It helps you to determine the accurate points on a golf course. You can use a golf rangefinder to get a quick and perfect estimate of a golf yard. This makes it easier to decide on which club to hit with and helps boost your scores.

You might be a newbie or a seasoned pro; golf rangefinder can help you understand the game. You’ll be able to make a decision on the location of the hole with pinpoint accurate yardage information.

Gain an upper hand in your game

There’s a reason why the finest golfers in the world use rangefinders. Along with the use of professional gear like some of the Top Rated blade putters and other accessories. Using some of the best gear available can greatly increase your skill levels in different areas of golfing. You’ll have the confidence to score points with precise and detailed yardage information. This is useful when you’re playing on an unfamiliar course. Rangefinders provide real benefits to everyone from beginners to touring professionals.


  • In the practice grounds, you can measure the exact distance where you’ll hit the ball. Using a rangefinder you can get the accurate data for finding the distance from any flags or greens, or to other landmarks. By knowing the exact distance to your hole, you can easily choose the desired club to hit with.
  • You can use the rangefinder to check distances to fairway bunkers, or other hazards to determine the right club to use.
  • Previous models had difficulty in focusing on the pin, but modern rangefinder comes with a pin seeker function. This is to help you measure the exact distance to the pin.
  • It can speed up your round considerably! Once you’re familiar with the usage, it takes only a few seconds to determine the stretches. This helps you save time while enjoying your game.
  • It motivates by tracking small improvements and the average distance of every shot that you take.
  • Calculating the slopes and hills is an advanced feature in a rangefinder! Some have the function to calculate the aiming area elevation and automatically provides the distance to the target.
  • The rangefinder is a convenient tool in gathering distance information on how far you can hit the ball. This gives an upper hand, while you’re playing against an opponent.


Shop for the best rangefinder in the market

When you’re shopping for the best rangefinder, you might get flooded with the options available in the market. Consider these factors to pick the best rangefinder.

  1. Size: Decide how big you want your rangefinder to be. Pick something that fits your pocket, or that can be stored in your golf bag. This decision will help you determine what size rangefinder works best for you!
  2. Battery life: There are few rangefinders that require battery installations, while others come with a rechargeable core.
  3. Range/Accuracy: This is the most important factor. Using a rangefinder becomes pointless if you keep overshooting, or when the yardage information goes wrong. Choose a device that’s accurate and offer sufficient range for your game.
  4. Accessories: Some rangefinders include clips, bags, lens cleaners, and much more. While you buy a rangefinder, keep in mind that some products are included, while others need to be purchased individually.
  5. Tournament Legal: If you’re playing a professional golf tournament, make sure your rangefinder is legal for tournament play.

Laser golf rangefinder

Bushnell Pro X7

The Bushnell Pro X7 has 7x magnifications, pin seeker with Jolt or vibrating bursts.  Its wide body is easier to hold steady because of two-handed operation. Bushnell uses VDT and is easier to read the numbers on the display. This model is simpler and easier to use.

Bushnell Tour V3

The Bushnell Tour V3 is one of the top rated rangefinders. This device is hard to beat when it comes to performance. It’s compact, lightweight, and accurate within a yard.

Research carefully before you place the order to the best rangefinder.  If you want to buy the latest technology top products, pick Bushnell Pro X7 Slop with JOLT. Choose Lofthouse ProScope 400, Nikon COOLSHOT, or Bushnell Tour V3 if you’re a beginner or immediate user.

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