Magelang, Indonesia – The Ideal Location For a Sporty Holiday

Magelang, in Central Java, is not a place that many people recall to mind first when they think of holiday locations in Indonesia. More familiar places like Bali or Jakarta usually spring to mind first. However, one visit to this place, and Magelang will forever be the first place you think of, when people say “perfect holiday”


A Tropical / Monsoon Climate – That’s Never Cold!

Given that Magelang is in Indonesia, you can expect there to be only 2 seasons here – wet & dry. But with that being said, it’s never cold here. Average temperatures come in at around 28 degrees Celsius, which is pretty warm in anybody’s book! This means that you can get up to a huge range of outdoor pursuits, but more on this later. If you prefer having the sun overhead, in a huge blue sky, then April to September will guarantee you of this.


Getting Accommodation / Flights Sorted:

You may already be considering booking your flight and be wondering if there are any decent Magelang hotel deals to be found online. A quick visit to Traveloka’s website will enable you to do both of these things in one go. So, if you have had your eye on the hotel puri asri magelang for accommodation purposes, and would like to link your flights into one package, this can be handled for you, easily and in very little time.

Things to Do:

Magelang has something for everybody. So if mountain climbing / biking is your thing, ou will find there is plenty in this line to keep you occupied. Of course, there may be some in the family that prefer things a bit more laid back. Well, Borobudar Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a short trip away. If this is not to your fancy, then there are many shops and malls, where you can find a store for every taste. Speaking of taste…


Local Cuisines – Simply, a Must Try:

Indonesia is a place you cannot travel to without trying out some of the local cuisines, many of which are well known and enjoyed the world over. Dishes like Nasi Goering are well recognized, but it is some of the lesser known dishes that are best tried, for that truly authentic experience. A highlight that you will find everywhere is Guleg, and while it does not look that appetizing, looks can be deceiving. A top tip to follow is, try and ascertain where it is the locals go when they want to eat out. They know the best places, so if you see locals headed some place in their droves, you know then that you are in for one massive treat, filled with the freshest ingredients!

Magelang is a destination that has it all, regardless of taste or persuasion. This is the spot that you will be telling all your friends about when they are looking for advice on where to go next year.

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