Looking to party in Blackpool? Here are some tips for finding accommodation.

Blackpool remains one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations.  Tourists flock in from near and far to go to the famous Blackpool illuminations, the air show, the pleasure beach and the Blackpool tower.  However, it is also famous as a party destination, for birthday celebrations, stag dos and hen dos. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a party holiday, you’ve chosen the right place as Blackpool has something for everyone.  Consider what your priorities are and follow our guide to find the right accommodation for you.

Location and price
When considering what type of accommodation you are looking for, one of the most important things you need to take into account is location.  If you are looking to prioritise location and price, then a hostel might be the best option for you.  Choosing accommodation in the centre will ensure you are in the right area for the best nightlife, but central hotels can be very expensive.  A hostel is more likely to be in your budget and will allow you to meet other people who are also looking to experience Blackpool’s nightlife.  Depending on who you’re travelling with, you’ll be able to choose between a shared room or private, and many hostels will also have their own bar with cheaper drinks to help you get the night started.

If your priority is flexibility, then self-catered accommodation might be the best option for your trip to this popular seaside resort.  Apart from checking in and out, you will be free to plan your own trip and stick to your own schedule.  You will not be restricted to strict breakfast times that are set by hotels, meaning you won’t be paying extra for breakfast you won’t eat and then you’ll be free to enjoy the day at your own pace.  You can also more easily cater for any dietary requirements or allergies your party may have.

Home comforts
Your preference may be for home comforts, in which case you should consider a B&B in Blackpool.  B&Bs still have some flexibility, as you will be offered breakfast but can eat other meals at your leisure.  The breakfast will be home cooked, and you will be living in the comfort of a local’s home.  They can offer you local knowledge on the best places to go and the best things to see in Blackpool.  Tourists seemingly dominate Blackpool, but your host can show you places off the beaten track and help you experience it like a local.  An article by Forbes shows the best apps to help you immerse yourself in local life, and together with the advice of your B&B host, you’ll be all set to take on Blackpool.

If you are looking for a more luxury stay, then a hotel might be the best option for you.  At a hotel, you can opt to eat all your meals in, taking the pressure off finding somewhere to eat.  Be aware, that some hotels may have a more strict noise policy, so if you are returning to the hotel late, make sure to be considerate of other guests.

We hope this has given you some food for thought on the best places to stay in Blackpool.  Enjoy everything Blackpool has to offer!

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