Kids and Kayaking: Bringing the Essentials

Kayaking can be a great experience for children. It works the body, which can be a great method of exercise. It also allows them to explore the water, which can open up their mind to a plethora of new experiences.

However, kayaking can also be slightly dangerous if you’re not fully prepared. If you want your child to enjoy kayaking, then you need to make sure that you have all the necessary kayaking essentials so your child is always safe while on the water. Below is a list of all the items you should have in order to keep your child safe.


No matter where your child is kayaking, it’s very important to protect their eyes from water and other elements. Make sure that your child is always wearing kids swim goggles when they kayak. This way, even if they hit a big wave, they will still be able to keep their eyes focused on what’s ahead. If your child wears glasses or contacts, you can also look into purchasing prescription swim goggles. This way, you know they’ll always be able to see clearly while on the water.

Flotation Device

It doesn’t matter if you’re kayaking in shallow water or if your child is a great swimmer, it’s very important that your child always wears a flotation device while kayaking. This way, no matter what happens, they will be kept above the water. This will not only be a great method of protection, but it can also give you peace of mind while they’re on the water.


When kayaking, your child is going to be on the water. The sun will reflect off the water and onto your child, which puts them at a greater risk of getting sunburn. This is why it’s extremely important that you make sure your child is lathered in sunscreen every time they go on the water. Always use 50 SPF to give them the maximum protection, and then always be sure to reapply according to the manufacturer’s directions.

UV Protective Clothing

Even though you are going to slather your child in sunscreen, you can take an extra layer of precaution and ensure they are wearing UV protective clothing. Most swimwear is made with material that will protect them from harmful UV rays, or you can always look for a cover-up or another article of clothing that offers it as well. Obviously, the more you protect your child from the sun, the safer they will be.


The top of your child’s head will be directly in line with the sun while on the water, and this can cause severe burns. Besides placing sunscreen on your child’s head, you should also make sure they are wearing a hat. Like mentioned above, try to find one that minimizes the damage from the sun’s harmful rays. For that, discover a massive collection of swimming caps available in the market to figure out which can be the best hat for your kid.

Taking your child kayaking can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Make sure that you use these tips and have all the necessary essentials to ensure they have fun and stay protected while on the water.


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