Kayaking On The James River In Georgia

Enjoy a kayaking adventure in the James River. The James River, which forms the city of Atlanta’s metropolitan region is one of Georgia’s premier fishing streams. This flowing river offers some of the best walleye fishing in the Southeast. There are several areas in the metro area that provide access to the James river. Two of the most convenient are the Buckhead area and the southwest edge of Ellijay.

Kayaking in the James river is not only a fun and relaxing activity it is also a great workout. One of the best parts about kayaking in the James river is that it allows one to practice their skills in safety and comfort. Many people hire professional kayaking guides to help them get to the best spots. Guided kayak trips are available that take individuals from the downtown area to the quiet and private reedy creek areas.

Kayaking tours begin in the downtown area near Ellijay. There are guided kayaking tours that go through the St. Mary’s River into Atlanta proper. Other guided trips include trips up the Chattahoochee River and down the Chattahoochee River to the downtown area. Each of these river trips offer excellent views of the downtown skyline. Guided kayaking on the James river is also available by taking travelers along the beautiful St. Mary’s River with some of the most impressive waterfalls in Georgia.

Those looking for a little more adventure can ride out on their own and try some of the rapids in the south part of the city. These rapids include the Bell River, the Ocotillo Creek, and the Peach Creek rapids. One of the most popular rapids in the city of Atlanta is the Bell River, which is a great kayaking destination when the weather is good. This class of rapids, including the Bell River, is best for beginners.

Those who prefer to paddle can go on a guided walking trip up the river. Guided kayaking on the James river allows visitors to learn about the natural environment of this area while enjoying nature at its best. The James area offers an abundance of wildlife. Visitors can spot deer, ocelots, foxes, rabbits, and even squirrels among the plants and greenery of this beautiful river. Pigeons, song birds, and turtles can be seen in abundance among the river banks. Many have even recorded their discovery on video!

Because it runs through six counties in Georgia, there are many different options for kayaking adventures in the area. Whether you want to paddle or walk, there are activities available for every skill level. The James river offers both easy access to major hotels and cabins, and close proximity to Atlanta’s downtown area. Kayaking is a great way to explore new areas and one that allow participants a chance to see some of America’s natural treasures. For kayaking aficionados, these are just some of the reasons why kayaking is such an enjoyable experience.

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