It Takes Passion to Work or Do Business in the Travel & Leisure Sector

One of the main reasons why people just love travelling is the fact that being able to physically escape, once in a while, symbolises a channel through which to get away from a life you might not have originally dreamt of living. Just taking a vacation means you can get away from a job you likely hate, because that’s just it — most people find themselves working in environments which have very little or absolutely nothing to do with what they may have studied for, let alone something which they’re truly passionate about.

The one industry however in which you really do need to have a passion for what you’re doing is the travel sector, whether you’re running a business or if you’re employed in that sector. If you don’t have a passion for what you’re doing you won’t last very long — either that or you’re going to be totally miserable.

There are however a lot of different segments of the travel and leisure sector where people can work or do business in, but if you’re closer to the visible pleasures of what travelling offers and you don’t have even the slightest bit of passion for travelling, it will begin to show and the growing frustration inside of you will project on the customers you serve.

On the other side of the coin however are those who are in business or working in the travel and leisure industry, who absolutely love what they do and are clearly passionate about how they earn their living. These are the people who themselves would travel at the drop of a hat, but just for the fun of it and not necessarily to get away from a hectic life they hadn’t originally planned to be living.

You only have to look at the initiatives they take within the sector, such as what the family-owned and run Leisure Lakes Bikes demonstrated with the opening of their Preston Hub along with the various initiatives they encourage around that new store.

To the Lehman, this new bike hub right on the Preston train station could very well just be a business decision, but on the side of the business owners it goes far beyond that. A decision to implement such an initiative is one which can only be arrived at by someone who thinks and perhaps behaves like a traveller. I mean there could very well have been a different shop erected at that spot, a shop which many would argue could perhaps bring in more sales, like a food outlet perhaps.

“It’s been great to see cycling growing so much in our home town, Preston, and we are all so proud to be on board with such a great project; the Virgin Trains Bike Hub will improve cycling access to the city by giving commuters convenient and easy to storage for their bikes,” said Beth Noy, Marketing, E-Commerce & Social Media Manager, clearly demonstrating the initiative of someone operating as part of a business which is directly in line with not only what the market needs, but what the market is passionate about.

This is a good example of just one segment of the travel industry in which the active players in the procurement of its businesses and business process are themselves passionate about the industry they serve.

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