Importance of Traveling Mattresses or Sleeping Pads

Are you someone who loves to travel? Do you have trouble sleeping when you are traveling? It is important to get good sleep when you are traveling or in a vacation with your friends and family members. A bad night’s sleep can turn your vacation or travel into a nightmare. Therefore, you need to make sure you have all the necessary gadgets to help you get a good night’s sleep when you are travelling or on vacation.

Role of Traveling Mattresses/Sleeping Pads

Your travel mattress, most commonly known as sleeping pads, not only provide you with a comfortable surface to sleep on, but also ensures that you get the much needed warmth when sleeping outdoors or in your air conditioned car.

Points to Consider when you buy a Sleeping Pad

When selecting a sleeping mat or traveling mattress you need to consider the following points.

  • There are 3 types of traveling mattresses or sleeping pads. Air pads, closed cell-foam and self-initiating pads. You need to choose the right type based on your budget and comfort.
  • Consider features like height, weight, size and ease of use when making your purchase.
  • You should have a clear idea about how and where you are going to use your traveling mattress or sleeping pads. If you are going to stay in your car while traveling then you need to choose sleeping pads that can be placed in your car. If you are going to sleep outdoors or stay in different places where there is a lot of temperature difference, you need to consider those points when selecting your travel mattress.

Types of Travelling Mattresses

Air Pads: Air pads are the most common type of traveling mattress that can be easily carried along with your luggage. They are best for backpacking.

Closed Cell Foam: Closed cell foam pads are sleeping pads that you can use outdoors without any fear of damage. Highly durable and easy to carry, they are inexpensive.

Self-initiating pads: They are a combination of air and open cell foam insulation. You just need to open the valve and the air will fill in to give you a comfortable pad to sleep on. Self-initiating pads provides excellent insulation and are best for places where the temperate is freezing.

Before buying a travelling mattress or any mattress for yourself or your family, read the reviews given in about the different brands of mattresses to get a clear idea about mattresses.

Features to Consider When Selecting Your Traveling Mattress or Sleeping Pad

Weight – Weight of your sleeping pad is a very important factor to consider when selecting your sleeping pad. A lightweight sleeping pad is better if you are going for backpacking or mountain climbing. Lightweight traveling mattress or sleeping pads are highly expensive.

Length – When choosing a sleeping pad for your travel, you need to make sure your hip and shoulders can fit into your mattress. Usually, a regular traveling mattress or sleeping pad comes in 72 inches and a long sleeping pad comes at 78 inches. You can also get short sleeping pads that are of 48 inches which are easier to carry and are considered best when you are going for mount or hill climbing.

Insulation – Insulation is an essential point to consider when buying a sleeping pad for your traveling needs. It is better to buy mattress or pads that are insulated with synthetic insulation layer so that it can keep you safe and warm. If you are going to a place where the climate is very cold, it is important to choose a highly insulated, high R-value sleeping pad so that it can keep you warm throughout the night.

Sleeping Pad Rails – If you have the tendency to roll and turn during sleeping, then it is good to choose a sleeping mattress with rails. Sleeping pads with rails are essential for smaller children as it keeps them safe without falling down throughout the night.

Hand Pumps – Hand pumps need to be brought separately and is an essential item to carry when going on vacation with your sleeping pad. Hand pumps are required to inflate the sleeping pads. You can get sleeping pads with integrated hand pumps but they are expensive.

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