If I Won the Lotto, You’d Never See Me Again!

I almost want to say that it’s true for everybody, but it isn’t really because if some people won the lottery then you’d probably see a whole lot more of them than you ever have. For the likes of myself however, and I guess I speak for many who “suffer” from wanderlust, if my lucky set of five numbers turned out to be the winning combination at Multilotto.co.uk, you’d probably need to search far and wide if you wanted to see me again!

I mean the cold, hard truth is that feeding your wanderlust addiction is expensive – it’s an expensive habit, that of being an avid traveller, especially if your flavour of travel is fuelled in large part by some adventure-filled activities.

As with many travellers I guess, as much as we do indeed love to share our stories, pictures and plans with fellow travellers and budding travellers who just want some inspiration, it’s more out of necessity than anything else. Everything ultimately goes back to the finances behind it all – we connect with the bigger world of travel and leisure via platforms such as our blogs so that we can possibly connect with like-minded people, in which ideal case you can find yourself going away on a group getaway or linking up with someone who can show you a cheaper and better way of pursuing your passion for all things travel.

I’m not saying if I won some millions or a few tens of thousands over at https://www.multilotto.co.uk/en/euromillions that I’d have absolutely nothing to blog about at all, but most of the information which blog readers find informative and valuable is that which helps them with their own travel plans, whether those plans are solid plans for an impending trip or even if they’re merely ideas for now.

Travel-content audiences don’t really want to spend hours on end reading about what the travel blogger in question gets up to if it’s clear to see that they’re running on an endless budget. What they rather want the 4-1-1 on is information which they can actually use, like how much a bus ride across the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius costs as an alternative to taking one of those private taxis which roll by every couple of minutes, or something like how much money a backpacker can save if they do indeed choose to lodge at a hostel as opposed to staying in a five-star hotel.

This is not to say the documentation of some of the things we get up to as travel bloggers should not be featured at all. I mean if anything, that’s where a lot of would-be travellers themselves get some of their inspiration for their next destination or just for some of the fun activities they can engage in while away on vacation.

The fact remains though, it is ultimately all about money – it’s money which keeps many a traveller cooped up in an office somewhere as opposed to living it up under the sun, somewhere in a faraway, exotic location!

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