Human ingenuity on display amidst scenic surroundings of German Europe

Germany, along with its neighbours Belgium and the Netherlands, has so many stunning places to visit that your Europe tour would be incomplete without exploring this amazing beauty. The beauty not only in terms of natural surroundings but the magnificent human creations have contributed significantly in giving the place the fame.

The Brandenburg Gate of Berlin in Germany is one of the marvels of modern architecture created with the inspiration from an ancient masterpiece. Measuring twenty-six metres in height, the magnificent structure is modeled on the Acropolis of Athens and when you see the four horse carriage atop the structure, you would feel as if you are in some royal era and stately figures are welcoming you. Museum Island is another Berlin structure that should be integral to your Europe tour package. Consists of many important museums, the area lies between the River Spree and the four hundred metre canal the Kupfergraben and joy and knowledge of history you would get while walking can’t be compared. But you must keep in mind that a single day won’t be ample to explore the area thoroughly.

Bellfry is the most famous structure in Bruges, Belgium and must be made a part of your Europe holiday package. The stately structure looks so imposing that it’s no surprise that you remain in awe of the architecture long after visiting the place. The Cathedral of Saint Bavo in Ghent is another place that must be a part of your Belgium tour. The other important places to visit in Belgium include the Battlefields of Flanders, Ghent’s Gravensteen, Basilicca of Holy Blood at Bruges and Grand Place at Antwerp.

Touring the Netherlands, the most environment friendly country in the world, has its own joy. The freedom you get in that country would make you do things that you can’t even imagine in many other countries. Amsterdam, the capital has canals like Venice and visiting a number of art galleries and museums plying on the canal would create an artist in you as well. There is Rijk Museum, Anne Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum is Amsterdam and a few other beautiful places in the country include the Windmills of Kinderdijk, Keukenhof and spectacular Dikes of Zeeland.

The three countries have a lot of cultural similarities and the advantage is that you don’t need to take separate visa for each country and Schengen would cover all three countries along with many others. Include Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in your Europe package and embark on the tour along with your friendly companion SOTC.

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