How to Transport Your Kayak: A Look at Your Options

Kayaking is a great water sport for those who love a bit of adventure. While some diehard enthusiasts will brave literally any weather, others await the warmth of spring and summer to enjoy the rush. In either case, if you are looking at the first year of riding your very own kayak, you’ll want to know how to safely transport it. Gone are the days of renting a kayak and now it’s time to get serious about proper care, use and transport. Here are a few options for safe transporting you’ll need to know.

The Type of Vehicle Matters

A kayak isn’t something you can just throw into the back of a pickup or SUV because one small crack could mean one very big leak once you are out on the water. Proper care must be taken when lifting it onto your vehicle and each type of vehicle has its own type of carrier. It’s important to match the rack with the automobile. For advice on which rack is safest for the type of vehicle you drive, you might want to check out sites like where you can find tips on what accessories are best for your vehicle. Getting the right type of rack is the first step.

Transporting Your Kayak on a Roof Rack

When it comes to securing your kayak on a roof, you can watch a short video here. While there are different brands on the market, the important procedure is of utmost importance. They will all pretty much work in the same way, but there may be slight variations in design based on the type of auto you drive. Learning to secure it properly is easy, but you do need to know what to do with those straps.

Transporting a Kayak with a Pickup

Getting back to throwing the kayak into the bed of a pickup, for all intents and purposes, that’s just what you will be doing. However, it’s the ‘how’ that matters. Most automotive stores carry heavy-duty tie-down straps and it probably doesn’t matter which brand you purchase. Many pickup truck users might decide to add in the truck bed covers that are customized by providers like Peragon ( to accommodate their specific needs like these. In case you also decide to opt for something like these, just remember that you may want to add some cushion between the truck bed and the kayak and you will obviously want to secure the tailgate open. After tying down the kayak, remember to place the red flag on the end that protrudes from the rear. That’s about it! If you want to get a better transportation system, there are risers/racks called a saddle system you can attach to your pickup truck that is ultimately the safest. The choice is yours but remember that you want the safest possible system.

In terms of transporting a kayak in an SUV, most often you will follow the roof rack guidance for use on cars. Although it ‘might’ fit in the back of a larger model SUV, most often it will be too long. Besides, it is a royal pain taking those rear seats out or folding them down only to find you haven’t the length you thought you had. Kayaking is a great watersport, but safety is of the utmost importance. Keep your kayak safe during transportation so that it can keep you safe on the water.

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