How To Survive Cold Weather Camping

Going camping when the weather is cold can be quite an awesome experience but it can also be a disaster. You want to be sure that you plan everything properly and this will take some time. Never hurry when you plan and consider the following travel tips. They can be the difference between a great experience and a nightmare.

Always Dress Properly

This should be obvious but most people do not actually consider dressing properly with the seriousness that is necessary. The clothes that you take with you have to keep you warm, especially when you are not active. While heat problems normally do not appear as you hike, when you stand still, this is noticed.

Layering up is always a really good idea when you go camping. You can easily start with thermal underwear and then go for breathable fleece in order to inhibit perspiration accumulation. Natural fibers are good if they offer similar wool warmth. An advantage in this case is the lower thickness. Scarfs are a good idea and you should be sure that you have a breathable and waterproof lightweight jacket with you.

Layering is also a good idea for your feet and head. Do leave your cotton socks home and go for wool or alternatively for wicking polyester socks that are designed with hiking in mind.

Don’t Forget About Your Hands

This is a really common problem with people that do not have experience with camping in a harsher environment. You want to be sure that you use gloves or glove liners and even consider chemical heating pads for an extra boost of heat when inside the tent.

Don’t Forget About The Fire

Before you will do anything else, you want to start the fire at the campsite you set up. Fire sources are not always available where you camp so do bring some with you. You can take firewood with you if you are going camping in a campervan and have enough space to store the wood. You could explore sites like Firewood Farm for wood supplies as well as any information regarding types of firewood, storage, preparation, burning, and safety. To start the fire dryer lint is normally popular, but you can also go for other materials such as sage, charcoal, or newspaper. Magnesium fire starters are great for modern campers.

Choosing An Appropriate Campsite

When you go camping during the summer, you want to choose a secluded spot with a lot of shade. During winter camping, you will love morning sun. It is a very good idea to angle the tent towards the morning sun but do be sure that the door is protected from wind.

Don’t Forget About Hydration

During summers we never forget about water but during winters, this is so common. Most of this problem is because feeling thirsty does not happen so often during cold weather. However, it is very important that you are hydrated. You can easily drink water, hot chocolate or hot tea. Whatever you like as long as you remain hydrated.

Condensation Will Happen

When the night is cold and you breathe inside the tent, condensation appears right on the tent, no matter the make or model. When morning comes you will see the effect of that. While you cannot do that much about condensation, you have to be ready to dry the sleeping bag in the morning before the next use. Venting the tent at night can also help.

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