How to Plan Your Next Trip Abroad

Exploring the world isn’t just fun, it’s good for the soul. That is why people should try to travel more, whether that is to the town next over or across the channel to Europe or beyond. There are so many natural wonders in the world, and it would be a shame to only explore your own backyard. So, pack up your kayak or your hiking boots and follow this guide for your next trip abroad:

Tips for Choosing Your Next Destination

When it comes to finding great destinations to hike and to kayak in you are not short of options. You can enjoy a leisurely row on any number of rivers like the Seine or Thames, or you can enjoy some white-water rapids closer to the alps. Enjoy untouched natural beauty or the ancient cities of Europe. You can even go further, and explore the Danube or the Nile if you feel like it.

The more unfamiliar the landscape, however, the more necessary it becomes to travel either with a guide or with a kayaking company. This way you can stay safe in your destination country and, more importantly, have people looking out for you when you are out on the river. Where you go next, then, will be determined on where the best tours are offered.

How to Bring Your Kayak with You and If You Should

Kayaks are a special case for many airlines, meaning that in some cases they are allowed for an extra fee, and in other cases, they are forbidden entirely. Some airlines accept kayaks as part of your standard baggage allowance, and others will require a non-refundable fee to carry sports equipment. The good news, however, is that most popular kayaking destinations should have a rental centre nearby. If the rental cost is less than it would be to bring your kayak on the airplane and on any other transport system, then it is best left at home.

A Few Key Things to Know to Make Travelling Easier

There are a few ways you can make the actual commute aspect of your trip easier and stress-free. You can:

  • Pack all liquids away in an easy-to-access pocket
  • Keep your electronics like laptops or tablets within reach
  • Wear flat, non-heeled shoes
  • Remember to not wear any metal to the airport

Of course, not every trip will go perfectly, even if you can get through airport security without a hassle. That’s why on top of knowing how to behave, you should also know your rights. That way you can handle a flight delay or cancellation like a pro. To do this, keep the receipts for food and drink and try to contact within six years of your delay to see if you have a claim for compensation as outlined by EU law.

You have to put effort into planning your next trip, especially when hiking or other outdoor activities are on the table. Not only do you need to get the necessary equipment, but you also need to read up on safety advice and put a plan into place so that should you not check in on time, help will find its way to you.

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