How to Plan an Australian Road Trip

It used to be the great American road trip, and while this is still a popular vacation idea for some, more and more people are seemingly heading to Australia to see what the world down under has to offer. Due to how vast Australia is, and the long roads and almost alien-like landscapes, this country is in a league of its own. Beaches, iconic landmarks and beautiful nature, what’s not to love? Here’s how to plan an amazing road trip across Australia.

Map Out Your Road Trip

Before you leave, sit down with a large map of Australia and pinpoint where you want to go and what you want to see, and then join the dots. String and pins are great visualisation aid and can help keep you on track. If you want to, you can even print out some images of the landmarks in each state, city, or town, so that you can remember what it is you’re going to see. You can also be ready with your accommodation bookings if you know where you will be travelling to. Checking out hotels warrnambool or others places in your route can help decide on where you’d like to stay, and figuring that part of the trip out can ease a lot of stress that goes into taking a road trip.

Read many travel books for reference, and make sure to pack your favourite and most useful travel book. You don’t want to travel with your rucksack filled with books, even if you’ll be travelling around in a car.

Invest in a 4×4

Australia is home to numerous off-roading trails and tracks, some of which are mandatory when reaching certain destinations. For instance, if you were to head to south of Perth, you can off-road around Boranup Karri Forest in the Margaret River region.

If you are heading on a long road trip, then buying your own vehicle is the best idea, but if you’re road tripping from Melbourne to Sydney, then it may be more cost-effective to search ‘car rentals near me‘ into Google and see the options available to you.

Be Wary

Australian animals are infamous, with many people afraid of the number of poisonous spiders and snakes in the wild, as well as dingoes, sharks and even kangaroos. While the chances of you seeing such wildlife is a lot slimmer and incredibly over-hyped, you should still know what certain dangerous animals look like, and know what to do in the case of an emergency.

If you are, however, in the outback, you should not leave your car for too long. You should also never approach any wild dogs, and if you drive over a snake, do not check underneath your car as they can wrap themselves around the axles of your tyre.

Convert the Back of Your Car

If you are backpacking, then you should look for ways to convert the back of your car into a place to sleep and live if you ever find yourself without accommodation. Certain travellers convert the backs of vans, but if you have, for example, a Holden Jackaroo, you can flip back the back seats and fit a mattress in the back and have shelving units underneath for your possessions and belongings. While it may not be the most comfortable, it is more comfortable than not having a mattress or a bed at all.

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