How to Plan a Stress-Free Kayaking Trip

If you’re a true lover of kayaking, then there’s surely nothing more exciting for you than organising your next kayak paddling trick. From choosing the waters you will be heading out on to figuring out where you will be camping overnight, everything about planning such an excursion is tremendously exhilarating. As exciting and exhilarating planning a canoe trip may be, however, it can also get quite stressful. Well, you don’t want to end up paddling down a boring river, and you don’t want to camp in a dangerous area, do you?

If you want your next kayaking trip to be as stress free as it can be, you need to take the following advice.

Do some research on possible lakes

You could be dead set on embarking on a slow, serene kayaking trip, but then get to your lake of choice and realise that the current is far too fast. This sort of problem can be avoided, however, if you just resolve to research possible lakes before you set off on your adventure.

A number of aspects that you should also take into account when conducting such research include the width of the lake, the temperature of the water, how deep the water is, and how crowded the lake it likely to be. By remembering to research all of this, you’ll no doubt find yourself kayaking down the perfect lake in no time.

Look into camping availability

If it is an overnight canoe trip that you wish to organise, then you have to look into camping availability as soon as you know that this is a course of action that you wish to take. You have to do so to ensure that you get a safe space to camp — you can’t just turn up at a campsite and expect to receive a pitch for the night, especially if you are planning your outdoors trip in the midst of the summer. You should make reservations with campsites just as you would if you were staying in a hotel.

Hire a car big enough to carry your equipment

By cramming all of your kayaking equipment into your small vehicle, you will leave yourself and your travelling companions with little room — as a result, your trip won’t get off to a very good start as nobody will feel comfortable in the car. For this reason, you should look into hiring a car big enough to carry everybody and everything comfortably. There are plenty of companies that offer cheap car rentals, so you’d never have to worry about breaking the bank in regards to doing so.

When it comes to choosing the right car size for your equipment needs, you should never go below a standard size. Depending on how much equipment you are bringing with you, you may even need to go all out and hire yourself a full-size rental.

If you want your next kayaking/canoeing trip to go off without a hitch, then make sure to take all of the above advice into account.

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