How to Have the Affordable Adventure of a Lifetime with RV Rentals

Long, exciting trips take a lot of consideration and planning, both in terms of routes and the actual logistics of getting from point A to B in a safe and comfortable manner. RVs have long been a standard for American adventurers, whether they are going on a solo odyssey or taking their families to their favorite destinations.

There are some factors that you will need to consider when deciding to rent an RV, and it is important that you approach a company with a basic understanding of how the RV rental process works.

Then there are, of course, personal factors that you will need to consider. These should primarily be your budget and trip time. Make sure your budget includes funds for RV rental costs for the duration, how much food and other perishables goods you will need, and any other needs of your passengers.

What are my Options? 

There is a variety of RV rental packages to choose from, all of which offer a high degree of flexibility. The leading RV rental companies understand that each person or family will be embarking on a personalized adventure, and will have their own requirements and specifications.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the most popular and effective RV rental options.

One Way RV Rentals 

This option involves the customer picking up the RV at one point, and then traveling a certain distance before dropping it off at another location. For example, a person could pick up their RV in a company’s Los Angeles station, and then adventure all the way to the San Francisco station.

RV rental companies will generally have stations all over the United States, meaning that your options are very open when creating your trip itinerary. You will generally be credited with a “One Way Fee” when selecting this option.

Please keep in mind that the total sum of such a fee will largely depend on how much distance you intend to cover. In other words, a shorter route will cost less than a longer one. You will often find that special prices regarding these offers are available during peak holiday seasons, so keep an eye out for such deals.

Minimum Rental Periods 

Renting an RV is no small feat, and people need to realize what a sizeable commitment taking such a large and capable vehicle out is. You need to make sure that the journey you plan on embarking on will indeed span a period of time longer than three days, which is the general minimum rental period for RVs.

Keep in mind that those minimum rental periods will often vary with the company that you happen to choose, meaning that a minimum of three days’ rental may not be the standard throughout the year.

RVs will become very sought-after during peak holiday seasons, and the minimum rental period will often extend during this time.

The rental of an RV should only be done for a journey that will span a moderate amount of time. These specialized and augmented vehicles are reserved for holidays that need the amount of space and accommodation that they provide.

You should also be aware that most RV rental companies provide special discounts or deals for those that embark on extended periods of time. Journeys spanning around two weeks will often result in the company providing you with a beneficial package.

Closed Days 

RV rental companies, like most other companies, will often be closed on major holidays, so you need to make sure that you do not leave your RV rental plans for the last minute on days like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

You will obviously not be able to pick up or drop off an RV on such special days, so make sure not to make the planning mistake of omitting the fact that your RV rental company may be closed on a certain date.

Of course, each RV rental company differs in terms of closed days, and you should also consider the actual state-wise depots’ closure dates as well. It is quite easy to check when such days are in effect. Simply call up an agent, or check on the actual website.

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