How to Dress for an Outdoor Adventure

There are virtually tons of reasons to spend as much quality time in the great outdoors as possible. Being surrounded by nature not only reduces stress and subsequently improves your mood but also enhances your cognitive function. And truly, it’s difficult to remain stressed when surrounded by the gorgeous sights Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, almost impossible. Breathing in fresh air, getting in touch with your surroundings and most importantly yourself, what could be more calming than that? However, when you’re preparing for several consecutive days of outdoor fun, the stress can pile up really fast. You need light, breathable outfits that will also come to your rescue in unpredictable weather. You don’t want to pack too many items as hiking is strenuous enough without the extra items on your back, but on the other hand, you’re unwilling to sacrifice your personal style. Luckily, style doesn’t have to give way to comfort, and with a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to have it all.

The flannel queen

First and foremost, you’ll need a great backpack for all your stuff. It should be quite big, but still cute and Instagrammable, you know, for all those pics of your back against a gorgeous backdrop. One of the most pic-worthy colors, especially when blending in with nature, is mustard yellow. Ok, next up are bottoms. Now, track pants are mandatory and make sure they’re a loose fit because you want plenty of movement and comfort. In addition to that, they will make you look like you’re wearing a nature version of the sexy boyfriend jeans, but most importantly, they will keep you warm and snug during the chilly nights, and protect your legs from burning in scorching heat. Finally, the garment that ties it all together – the flannel shirt. This baby is super-stylish, not to mention that it’s a great breathable option. You can wear it over your tank top unbuttoned, and when you’re hot, tie it around your waist Bieber style. Finally, for that sudden chill, put the flannel back on and add a great vest. For tricky paths, go with hiking boots, but for easier trails, go with purple New Balance sneakers for a little pizzazz. If this outfit doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing Wild, nothing will.

Beware, sun is coming

If you know (or at least hope) that at one point or another you’ll come across a swimmable body of water, you definitely don’t want to be caught unprepared. Swimming shoes are a must, but they don’t take up much space so you’re all good. When considering your swimwear, play it smart – choose a one-piece that dries of quickly and that you can repurpose as a top underneath a gorgeous striped (cotton, light and breathable) button-down. Finish things off with a cute pair of utility shorts and a bucket hat in a bright color. Those shorts will come in real handy for those quick dips as you can store your phone and other tiny precious belongings in the multiple pockets.

Snug as a bug in a rug

Let’s face it, roasting marshmallows by the campfire is a serious camping undertaking, and you must dress accordingly. Kidding aside, when the evening comes and you’re sitting instead of walking, that evening chill tends to sneak up pretty fast. Warm and fun socks should always be in your backpack, and their chance to shine is by the fire. To achieve the coziness and desired warmth (and stylishness) think in terms of layers, they’re your best friend. Start with a tank top or a cotton bralette, add a cardigan to the mix, and when that chill comes knocking wrap yourself up in a blanket shawl or a wool poncho. A pair of slightly more fitted sweats is a great choice here – cotton, of course. When in this getup, you won’t only be worth a million likes but modeling agents can snag you and put you on a cover of a camping catalogue.

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