How To Challenge Yourself When You’re Not Participating In Extreme Sports

Living a high-intensity life is fulfilling and exciting. There’s always a rush waiting for you right around the corner. The challenge is when you step away from your extreme sport for a while but still want to feel that enthusiasm running through your veins.

Don’t assume that when you’re not participating in extreme sports that your life has to stop. There are other ways to stay involved and keep your mind and body sharp. Be open to participating in additional activities and adventures in your downtime and experience how rewarding they are too. See how to challenge yourself when you’re not participating in extreme sports.

Compete in Events

Healthy competition is good for you. Seek out different events in your area or travel to them, if you don’t mind. Train for a marathon or triathlon that challenges you to race and compete against others. Another difficult event is the Tough Mudder, which is an obstacle course through the mud. Pick events that are going to make you work hard and give you a sense of accomplishment when you’re all finished. These events are physically and mentally challenging and will require a commitment and dedication to make it to the end.

Take Risks

Take risks outside of your sports with your career, personal life and money. One way is to participate in US poker online and try to put more money in your pocket. You need to learn the game and be able to focus if you’re going to win. Study the guides, reviews and strategies that are covered online. Participating in extreme sports typically means you like to take risks. There are additional ways to do this outside of the time you’re climbing, steering and jumping. Do your best to take calculated risks, and no matter what you’re risking, be smart about protecting yourself from losing more than you had in mind.


It’s always important to have multiple hobbies. You want to be working on different parts of your brain on a consistent basis. Attempt brewing your own beer, cooking, or painting in your free time. Choose a hobby that makes you think and that you enjoy doing. A good hobby has the ability to keep you engaged for long periods of time. If you find one you don’t like, simply move on to the next. Go online and search for different hobbies and get ideas for what you may like to try. If you want to go for an exciting hobby, you can also try sport shooting or archery. They might not be as risky as extreme sports but they can provide you with enough thrill and adrenaline to wait for the next escapade. If interested, you can search online for a beginners guide on sports shooting and join a club.


Take a trip somewhere new. Let go and visit a city you’ve never been before. Go with family or friends, or even by yourself. Try new foods and experience the local culture. Traveling is a great way to explore new destinations and pull yourself out of your comfort zone. The more exotic the destination, the more you might like it. Embrace the unfamiliar and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells as you immerse yourself in the local customs. Even though you’ll feel the need to fill your schedule, remember to sit back and relax along the way. Vacation is also meant as a time for you to rejuvenate and return back to your home feeling refreshed.

DIY House Projects

Start experimenting with home DIY projects. Build a table, paint a room or improve your landscaping. There are lots of tutorials online that will show you exactly what you need to do. It’s a great physical challenge that saves you money and improves the look of your home. You’ll get better using your hands for home projects and may become more of a handyman along the way. Take pictures when you’re done and start saving examples of your work. If you enjoy it, it’s possible you’ll want to start taking it more seriously and selling your projects.

Meet New People

When you’re busy with your extreme sports it’s possible you’re by yourself or hanging out with the same crowd. Use your downtime to meet new people in your area. Go to local coffee shops, events and start volunteering. Meeting new people is good for your mental health and it’s possible you’ll meet some really good friends this way. It’s a way to challenge yourself and build your social life at the same time. Your social skills grow when you interact with others who have different personality types. The quality of your relationships will grow based on you developing good interpersonal relationships.

Focus on your Career

If you have a career or job on the side, it’s important to keep nurturing your success. Determine what your next steps are and any skills you need to learn to advance in your current position. Set goals so you develop as a person. Learn to innovate and take risks to boost your career or move your business to the next level. Pick a few areas you want to work on and put your energy into perfecting them and putting yourself in a position to succeed. Make sure you’re the type of person who delivers value in every interaction. Work on becoming an expert in your field so people come to trust you. Stimulate your mind and body daily and your hard work will pay off.


A great way to challenge yourself is through meditation. This is especially important if you do a lot of physical activity. You’ll be a lot better at your sport of choice if your mind is aligned with your body. Meditate to destress and slow your thoughts. Use it as a way to center and ground yourself for future challenges you’ll be facing in life. Practice meditation regularly and it’ll become second nature when you’re participating in your other activities. You’ll feel relaxed and confident the next time you have to make a daring move.


Life’s filled with obstacles you must face every day. Prepare to overcome them by exercising your mind and body daily. Choose more than one activity to help keep yourself balanced. These are ways for how to challenge yourself when you’re not participating in extreme sports.

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