How to Beat Traveller’s Anxiety

For all the joys that travelling brings, going through all the details of organising a trip often induces a bit of anxiety and sometimes even outright panic. A little bit of anxiety is good though, but only if the type of anxiety that has your feet itching in anticipation of the journey that lies ahead.

A more perturbing form of traveller’s anxiety however is one which has you questioning the entire trip you’re about to take, wondering whether you should follow-through and go or not. It’s always good to be vigilant and aware of any possible dangers and challenges that may lie ahead, but when vigilance becomes outright anxiety, it can spoil your entire trip, should you go ahead with it anyway. Yes, there are quite a few things to think about and perhaps even worry about, but in the spirit of satisfying your undying need to feed your wanderlust, proper planning is the universal cure for almost all triggers of traveller’s anxiety.

Personal Contingency Plan

A big part of traveller’s anxiety commonly comes from the fear of the unknown, particularly in the event of something going awry. I mean you’ll be miles away from home and you’ll probably have to deal with a lot of simple procedures that are probably done differently to what you’re used to. To put your mind at ease, just plan ahead in anticipation of anything which could go wrong, like contacting your home country’s embassy and letting them know where you are, so too your family back home. Have the contact details of local emergency and transportation services as well.

Flexible Accommodation

On a bit of a lighter note, by “flexible” I mean booking your holiday destination-base strategically so that your movements can be flexible. In other words; booking, for example, would mean that you never have to worry about overspending or being overcharged for your local transportation, since you’ll be conveniently cycling almost everywhere. Something like a remotely located chain-hotel on the other hand would otherwise only serve to fuel your traveller’s anxiety, especially if you find that you have to take costly travelling options to get to where all the daily fun and activities are.

Safe Storage for Your Valuables

The fear of losing something like your passport, traveller’s cheques or credit/debit cards is another big traveller’s anxiety trigger. Even though you might have been reassured your destination is a very safe one, somewhere in the back of your mind worrying about your valuables could go as far as spoiling your time out exploring the destination’s activities. Again, this traveller’s anxiety trigger can be solved by solid prior planning, like making sure the accommodation you ultimately choose makes provision for access to something like a safe where you can store you valuables, a locker, or something to that tune. Alternatively, some of the quieter destinations offering vacation rentals inherently come with the security associated with relative seclusion. Either way, if you have to carry your passport around (typically for identification purposes), keep the original locked away in the provided safe or locker and carry a copy of it with you. Notify your accommodation’s reception and arrange for them to give you a contact number where any authorities can verify your identity and your temporary residence for the duration of your vacation.

Once these traveller’s anxiety triggers are taken care of in this way, you can then enjoy your getaway with no mental inhibitions.