Greece, the Mediterranean beauty steeped in history

When the gentle wind from the Mediterranean Sea touch the shores of Greece, it brings the joy of undulating waves along and if you are on your Greece tour you would feel that joyous aura inside you. Inland, the country brings you face-to-face with the cradle of modern civilization. When you see the remains of what once was a majestic city you would ponder the way the Greeks conquer the world and you would be in royal company.

The romantic in you would love to be at Santorini on your Greece tour as when you look at the turquoise waters you would feel a soothing halo inside yourself and a door for a calmer world would open for you. The town of Fira and Oia with their white cubic buildings add their own hue to the calmness of the place. Mykonos, one of the most famed destinations in Greece, is a must include place in your Greece tour package. A number of sandy beaches adorn the beauty of the place and when you relax in Mykonos, feeling the Mediterranean wind on your face you would feel why the sea always attracts wandering souls. To relax after getting soaked in the sea and the sun for quite sometime, you can head back to relax in your mykonos villas, from where you can still enjoy the beauty of the blue waters. Rhodes is another sea beauty that you would love to be at. When you walk on the cobbled path you would feel as if you belong to another era and the authorities make sure it remain so as they don’t allow any car in the old town of Rhodes. Nafpilo is also a sea beauty you should explore on your Greek tour.

Visiting Greece would not be complete without taking a peek into its old cities that serve as the backbone for the modern civilization to develop. Acropolis in Athens serves as the symbol of Greece to other parts of the world and the fifth century BC temples would tell you the tales of the glorious past the country has. Delphi is another place that plays important role in introducing you to the majestic old era of Greece.

Exploring Europe would tell you how the modern world took the shape it is now and you will have the fresh perspective to see the surroundings. Greece being the premier country that decided the modern civilization and is a must explore destination. You should book you Greece tour packages at the earliest and as for smooth planning of your itinerary, SOTC is there for you.

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