Grab Your Tent & Passport: 4 Necessities for Camping Abroad

Camping is an economical and adventurous pastime. The experience allows for the opportunity to connect with nature and spend a night in a cozy tent under the stars. Many travellers, who are avid campers in their home country, are unaware what camping abroad entails, and unfortunately don’t explore this option of accommodation. Grab your tent and passport — it’s time to go! Here is a list of the necessities you need for camping abroad:

Guide Books

The first thing you’ll need is a guide for the best campsites. Cool Camping: Europe covers 100 European campsites in 12 different countries. The campsites it lists aren’t your run-of-the mill mega-camps, but are quaint, countryside gems. This book provides recommendations for sites in Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland, with photos and thorough descriptions of the sites, a list of local attractions, and reviews of the best food and drink options. It also includes a collection of useful phrases in multiple translations.

Alan Rogers also has an extensive list of European campsites. The site will help you find what’s right for you since you can browse by categories like “kids,” “all-year” and “pet-friendly.” Easily navigate to the campsites’ booking pages and read up on the areas you’re interested in.


Make sure everyone has a passport that is valid for several months from the date of travel. Carry your passport with you, and make a copy of it to keep with your other travel documents. If you are travelling by car (a rental or your own) you should have a registration document, MOT, certificate of insurance and your personal driving license. If you have a pet with you, Fido and Fluffy also require their own passports. Make sure that pets are allowed at the campsites you plan to visit and have any chip information for them. There is an identity card for campers used throughout Europe, called the Camping Card International. It includes third-party coverage, a range of discounts and you can leave it at the site’s reception instead of your passport.

Satellite Phone

Stay connected with a satellite phone. You can rent a satellite phone through Roadpost for about $8 per day or $200 per month. The sturdy handheld Iridium 9505A works in extreme conditions and is designed for outdoor use. The phone is water-, shock- and dust-resistant, has a standby time of 30 hours and a talk time of 3.2 hours. The rental kit includes a fully charged phone, a spare battery, car charger, adapters and accessories for international destinations.


Have a tent that can withstand the weather conditions of the region you visit. Most likely, the worst weather you’ll encounter in your travels will be heavy rain. For this type of climate, make sure you have a tent with ample ventilation and adequate rain coverage. Enhance your tent’s protection, with extra guy-lines that will keep the tent walls taut and support wind gusts. Your tent’s quality will be reflective of its price. This is an item that you shouldn’t be frugal with. REI has an online guide that helps you find the perfect tent that suits your needs.

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