Goa-The hub of all International festivals

There is more to Goa than meets the eye. Goa, with its sun, sand and beaches is turning into a hub for various international festivals. While Goa has been widely popular as a holiday spot, the tides are now changing and is now turning into the perfect place for various events and festivals. If you are looking to do something different and off the charts during a Goa trip, then you will have an array of choices to choose from.

International Festival of India — Rub shoulders with your favourite actors, directors, writers at the International Festival of India. You can catch some enthralling movies screenings from across the globe, and participate in talks, discussions with directors, screen writers etc.

The Grape Escapade. — Heading for a Goa holiday in February? Make sure you find your way to The Grape Escapade. This three day food and wine festival gives you a chance to taste the flavours and cuisines of various locals of Goa and sip some local wine from the areas close by. And it’s not just the Indian flavours that you can taste. Many international sommeliers partake in this event to create a global extravaganza. There are also many events including selection of the The Grape Escapade Queen, which happens on the last day.

Annual Goa Food and Cultural Festival— A five day food and cultural festival held during summer to make your holiday more enjoyable. You will be surrounded by some of the famous food of Goa that will be ready to cater to your taste buds. Live food demos, and cooking techniques, fenni distillation, are some of the special events that take place among various others. What better way to have a Goa tour than to be surrounded by delectable food and flavours of the seacoast.

Goa International Latin Festival—get your dancing shoes out and sway to the beats of salsa, rumba for the International Latin Festival. You can see and meet how the professionals who make these dances look easy. There are also pool parties, dance workshops held.

The Goa International Jazz Live Festival: For the music lover in you, head to the Jazz live Festival with a line up of national and international jazz musicians. Sway to the sounds of the saxophone and enjoy a night of sheer bliss during your Goa tour.  There is also a special Jazz Music workshop if you want some tips from the pros.

If you have booked a Goa tour, SOTC can guide you to these festivals, Plan now and enjoy the rest.

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