Five Tips for Successful and Creative Travel Shots

Ever wondered why travel pictures taken of the same object by different people using the same gadget can have various observable distinctions? Well, that is no brainer for any seasoned photographer and the secret has always been hidden in the obvious aspects. The location, time of the day, preparation and shooting techniques all influence the final product. Here are 5 tips for creative travel shots that you can use to achieve this.

Always sharpen your craft well in advance – I have known people who save up to buy the best new camera just a few days before their trip. While this can be great inspiration, it always leaves minimal time to polish your craft and completely familiarise yourself with your new camera unless you are an expert with these devices. It is important to take time and learn how to pull off camera tricks with your device and get the best out of it. This will allow you to replicate the techniques whenever you find something worth remembering.

Do you destination research – This is the best tip any photographer (recreational or professional) will give you. The destination is probably already stunning and picturesque which is why you chose it in the first place. However, you still have the BEST spots, restaurants, buildings, sceneries and sites to give the first priority. Reading travel guides, communicating with locals and finding out the best places to visit will ultimately lead you to the best shots.


Play with time and lighting – It is a known fact that lighting can greatly impact the final picture produced. Wake up early in the morning and catch the dawn and rising sunshine for a gentle effect. Use the strong light of midday to create bright, vibrant photos, and use the late afternoon for a more muted tone. Golden hour and dusk are also both great times of day for rich, warm colours and long shadows, but night can offer some of the best opportunities for lighting, despite the darkness. You only need to read some of these fun facts about neon signs to understand how great neon is for photography. Late-night shoots in front of neon club and restaurant signs can create spectacular effects, whilst sodium and LED streetlighting offer the chance to create interesting lens flare and shadows.

One really important type of shot that requires good planning is the action shot. When you’re on a kayaking adventure, you can make sure you don’t miss any great shots by being aware of the route ahead of time, and knowing when you might want one person to go on ahead and take a shot of everyone else coming into view. If you’re planning on taking something memorable to print on framed canvas and hang on your wall, you need to get the basics 100% correct to ensure a great end result. This is doubly important for high pressure situations like action shots.

Have the right attire and attitude – If you are going to shoot in a mountain, river, through thickets and mashes or even in a densely populated street, you need to blend into the environment. Find comfortable clothing that allows you to concentrate and on your shots and provides sufficient space for effortless mobility. Similarly, have a good attitude especially when taking photographs of people. Learn a few introductory words if it is a foreign language and say “hello” to the people you want to take shots of. The right attitude will lighten their hearts and never be afraid to ask them for a shot.

Always focus on your main objects – This is one big problem when it comes to photography. Unlike other presentations, you can only take shots of objects that are already in place and cannot create your own. Most people often end up taking shots of objects that are not the main focus and this can mean a terrible end result. Ensure you avoid these distractions and take clear shots of the exact object. Some advanced cameras and lenses can help you to achieve desirable focus and even blur out what you do not need in the photo.

Conclusion – As the holiday season draws near and many people set out for adventurous moments, it is time to ensure you are ready to come back home with the best travel pictures. The abovementioned 5 tips for creative travel shots will help you prepare well in advance, find the best spots, remain comfortable and inspired throughout the spree.

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