Fine Details for Better Taxi Transfer Now

Getting around in a taxi is cheaper than getting around in a new car, due to the high costs involved, such as fuel, the purchase of the car and its depreciation, as well as reducing stress and making the most of the transfer time. The studyis conducted by the taxi services.

Apps for the Booking

There are some mobile applications for safe taxi transfers, while there is a portal for buying and selling cars. Both companies carried out a study that compares the advantages of traveling by taxi regularly with respect to the use of a car of their own.

  • In a statement, the companies explained that the analysis consisted of comparing, at different distances traveled per day, the cost of buying and using a new car against using the taxi service. The analysis was made for a new Spark and Jetta, as well as a taxi from the site. Have a look at for more.
  • For the calculation of the cars, they considered a financing rate of 12% per year for 3 years with 25% down payment, 3 year depreciation, insurance and maintenance. These fixed costs were divided by day. Gasoline was calculated depending on the distance traveled. For the calculation of the taxi, tariff per km was used for comparative purposes.

They highlighted that the fuel represents only 10% of the total cost, if an average of 20 km / day is traveled. In contrast, depreciation can represent up to 40% of the cost.

The Cost That You need to Have

The results of this study showed that financially the best decision depends on the average distance in which you move daily.According to the study, a Spark with a list price of 135,200 dollars, is the most economical option once the 20 kilometers have been reached, generating an average cost per day of 127 pesos against 130 dollars of the Taxi. On the other hand, a Jetta, with a cost of 270,000 dollars, reaches the same average cost as the taxi up to 50 kilometers per day. More expensive cars can hardly be cheaper than using a taxi.

  • A car of its own provides absolute privacy, as well as a sense of spontaneity for the ability to travel. There is also greater control of the environment inside the vehicle and a storage space for personal things, the companies mentioned.
  • In contrast, experts said, the taxi service avoids the stress of driving in a chaotic city and allows you to take advantage of the transfers to perform activities such as talking on the phone, working, sleeping, reading, etc. In addition, it also avoids the need to search for parking, as well as the responsibility in case of a road accident. Finally, the taxi is the perfect designated driver for parties and meetings.

For buyers looking for all the advantages that the car offers at a much lower cost, there is the option of looking for a used car in portals such as And combining this purchase with the intelligent use of the app will provide the best of both worlds.

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