Fighting Fit for the Great Outdoors

In any group of friends, there’s perhaps always that one friend who just has a serious competitive streak and they tend to take everything seriously. They simply hate to lose, even if it’s the final, dead-rubber round to close out a board-game night they’ve already clearly won, that competitive spirit just refuses to give an inch. If you’re that friend then you know exactly what I’m on about here, even though you just can’t explain that burning desire to just simply win. Otherwise born winners of this kind are actually on to something because you just tend to enjoy life more and you also always actively seek new ways to better yourself.

One of the ways in which harbouring an undying competitive spirit proves to be advantageous is in various outdoor settings, where some sort of skill or physical conditioning is required to participate. If you love kayaking, mountain biking or anything of that sort, chances your unrelenting competitive spirit will have you wanting to do well at those activities, even if it’s purely for a fun time out and there are absolutely no prizes up for grabs. The advantage a competitor really has however goes way beyond the games, camaraderie and activities of the day, running much deeper than that. I mean if it really worries you that you can’t lift yourself out of your chair without making the sort of sound which suggests that you’re perhaps getting a bit too heavy for your own bones, then it means you’re conscious that you need to keep your health and general well-being in check. That competitive streak will always be there to kick you back into gear should you realise that you might be letting yourself go a bit.

So if you are indeed the sort of person who’d run flat out if your six-year-old nephew challenged you in a race to the end of the driveway, you can really channel that competitiveness into a solid lifelong plan for staying in good health and in good physical condition. Every once in a while however, you can really put your competitive nature to good use, not only pitting yourself against other competitors, but just challenging yourself to possibly see where your own limits are.

If racing your friends downstream while out kayaking proves pointless because you simply have no competition from your fellow adventure-loving buddies, there are always some open competitions for you to really test yourself against some stiffer “opposition,” which will undoubtedly make for some stimulation which is closer to what you truly require. Shedding some built-up flab for instance could not come better incentivised than through the possibility of winning a trip to Ibiza, as part of something like the Maxi Nutrition 30-day challenge. Between this challenge to chisel out your perfect beach body and perhaps the periodic entry into an obstacle course race every once in a while, together with your competitive spirit, the drive these incentives will give you will inevitably have you fighting fit for the great outdoors, with great personal health benefits to go with.

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