Essential Must-Haves for Every Cycle Tourist

Sightseeing on bicycle has many advantages over walking, if doing it on a bike is indeed an option. The cycle tourist gets to spot a lot more sights within a relatively short time span and if needs be, you can vary the speed at which you cruise and even bring it right down to walking pace if required. There are some essential must-haves every cycle tourist should bring with them however in order for you to get the best experience possible.

Good Bike

Well, a bike goes without saying, and cycle tour operators ordinarily supply the tourists with bicycles. In this era of the internet, tourists can simply opt to search “hilton head island bike rental” (or in their area) to rent a bike from a reputable provider. Remember that the difference between a good bike and a not-so-good one can make all the difference in your cycle tour. That’s why some regular cycle tourists prefer to bring their own bikes, while those who engage in un-guided sightseeing tours by bicycle are in a sense forced to invest in a good bike so that they can easily navigate the varying terrains. A solid gravel bike or mountain bike will work well for the avid cyclist tourist, giving you the type of power and versatility to conquer any terrain.

Mounted or Wearable Cam

The likes of Google Glass or a GoPro Action Camera can come in very handy as an extra set of eyes for the sightseeing cyclist, especially since the footage you shoot and the images you capture can always be revisited in case you might miss something along the way. Synchronize your shots and views with a similarly kitted-out buddy of yours and you’ll both have some great shots of each other. The GoPro Action Cam in particular can even be attached to your bike with a bicycle mount.

Refreshment Pack

Water or an energy drink is essential to keep you hydrated while out on your sightseeing adventures, otherwise your refreshment pack can be in the form of a simple backpack with other essentials packed in, like perhaps a spare set of clothes and maybe even some light snacks.

Tube Patch Kit

This is particularly important if you’re out on un-guided cycle tours. Unless you’re running on tubeless tyres, at some point in your bike-assisted sightseeing adventures, you will get a flat. Stopping for a breather while the vulcanising glue dries is way better than having to pack everything up and go back home, prematurely cutting your sightseeing tour short.

Bike Quick-Repair Kit

Folding, compact bike repair kits are great at sorting out those little nuts and bolts which have a tendency to come loose in bumpy, mountainous terrains, but that’s exactly how it should be – compact and inclusive of the bare basics. Some bike quick-repair kits are inclusive of the tube patch kit.

Bike Speedometer

A bike speedometer isn’t an absolute essential, but it always helps to have when you want to plan your sightseeing repeat-tours a bit better, or if you just want to know how long it’ll take to get back to your starting point. They’re getting really intuitive too and some of them offer good integration with your smart device or tracking devices like a GPS logger.

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