Essential Items You Need to Carry on a Kayaking Weekend

Getting on a kayak and gliding across the calm water can be one of the most tranquil and beautiful experiences that you will ever encounter in the great outdoors, so it is no wonder that so many people are now making it a point to plan a kayaking weekend getaway.

But what should you pack for your kayaking weekend if you have never experienced one before? Keep reading for a short list of must-have items you will need.

Dry Bags

The storage hatch that will be found in your kayak is not going to be waterproof, thereby putting your personal items at risk of water damage. So it is really important that you pack dry bags for your upcoming kayaking trip, as these will work on keeping all of your gear dry and in great condition. Stick with small and medium sized bags, as these will let you pack everything you need in an efficient manner while keeping your kayak stable. An everyday carry bag could work, but only if it is waterproof and made for kayaking.

Navigation Tools

Another necessity for your kayaking trip will be navigation tools that will help you stay on track without getting lost. If you are going to be exploring rivers and inland lakes, you should have a topographic map or a nautical chart that will detail your route, as well as a compass. If you are taking a coastal kayaking trip, on the other hand, you should also bring along saltwater charts and any important area guides. Also be sure to bring a GPS, which will also help you navigate and explore without losing your way.

Food and Water

When it comes to food for your kayaking trip, you should bring more than you actually anticipate consuming because after you are paddling for a few hours, you will definitely have a big appetite. Make sure you pack your food in your dry bags, and also bring plenty of water so that you can remain hydrated, especially if you are going to be on saltwater. And if you are going to be kayaking during hot temperatures, you should bring salty foods so you can replenish the salt you will end up losing through sweat.

Safety Gear

To ensure your safety, you should bring along a PFD (personal flotation device), bilge pump, paddle float, safety whistle, an extra paddle, and a spray skirt. It is also a great idea to pack a small first-aid kit, extra sunscreen, your cell phone, a head lamp, and a small knife. These items will definitely come in handy should you encounter any problems during your trip, and if you are traveling with a group, you can help one another as well if you are all prepared with the right safety items always within easy reach.

In addition to the items above, be sure to bring along your usual camping gear if you’ll be camping overnight. If you bring the items above with you on your next kayaking trip, you will have what you need to stay safe while enjoying all that this unique experience has to offer.

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