Epic Holiday Ideas to Try This Season

Beach resorts and city tours are incredibly popular these days. And whilst there are plenty of beautiful beaches to visit, there’s also no shortage of amazing cities with culturally diverse scenes, great cuisines and even more forms of entertainment to enjoy. If you’re a bit bored of that, though, how about trying something different this holiday season? There’s a whole host of epic destinations and spectacular things you can try on your next trip. These holiday ideas will get you started in no time.

Diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

You can’t really say you love diving before visiting this place. Raja Ampat, located in Papua, Indonesia, is just too good to miss. The long flight hours to reach Raja Ampat will be well worth it once you see the kind of beauty that awaits you here.

Raja Ampat is a spectacular destination for those who love diving. It is one of the very few places where you can get really close to a whale shark – and I do mean REALLY close. A well-maintained population of the giant fish can be found in Cenderawasih Bay and in other diving spots near Raja Ampat.

It will be a trip of a lifetime. The underwater scenery is amazing and going home with a picture of you swimming next to a whale shark will make the whole trip even more memorable.

A Trip to Machu Picchu

The holiday season is a great time to go somewhere warm. Many places in South America offer gorgeous beaches and a lot of parties to enjoy, but you can make your trip to the region even more spectacular by visiting Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is at the center of ancient Inca civilization. The entire metropolis is very well preserved, allowing visitors to enjoy a first-hand experience of the era. Situated in the Andes, Machu Picchu is now very easy to access. The trip to this ancient city will still be challenging, but the sight of the city gates will make you smile from ear to ear.

If you are visiting Machu Picchu, I would advise taking a guided tour of the city. There are several tour packages to choose from and you can get one on the spot. The history – and stories – behind each building in the city is just as spectacular as the landscape surrounding it.

Boat Tours in Florida

A great place to soak up the summer sun and enjoy with your friends would be Florida. Florida, being the state it is, could give you several options to choose from when it comes to places to visit or activities to enjoy in those places.

To experience something different from the regular party setups in clubs and bars, you could go on boat tours that have parties.

Festive cruises along the Matanzas river, for example, could find you sailing through beautiful sights with good tunes and your favorite drink in your hand with your friends.

What’s more, it wouldn’t really matter if you go as a group since boat cruises can accommodate up to 24 people comfortably. You could even look at it as a way to celebrate an occasion in style to make memories that you would keep life-long.

Helicopter Tour of the Bryce Canyon

Sticking with America, there are several exciting things you can do in North America as well. My personal favorite is taking one of the Bryce Canyon helicopter tours and enjoying the gorgeous national park from the sky. While there are plenty of hiking trails and amazing sceneries to explore along the way, seeing the canyon from a helicopter is an entirely different experience altogether.

You will be able to see the Bryce Amphitheater from the sky, along with the ancient city inside it as well as many other landmarks. You can then stay at lodges inside the national park itself and spend the next few days hiking, taking ATV rides and enjoying other adventure activities.

If you’ve been struggling for ideas for the upcoming holidays, give one of these a try!

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